Kim Kardashian soon to be lawyer ? The star studied law for months

Kim Kardashian bient├┤t avocate ? La star ├ętudie le droit depuis des mois

Kim Kardashian soon to be lawyer ? The star studied law for months

You thought that Kim Kardashian couldn’t read ? One, it’s sexist and primary. Two, think again, the star of reality tv show american following of the studies for several months to become a lawyer. Between his business, the social networks, her show, her husband Kanye West and their three children (soon to be four), she has already managed to release several hours of work per week for the right. His wish most dear ? Pass the bar in California by 2022.

Kim K lawyer ? Yes, she can

It’s like in the film legally blond. Kim Kardashian, Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) brown and more luscious, wants to become a lawyer. It is this that the rich american was insured in the pages of the prestigious Vogue magazine US, in which she made the cover of the latest issue. In addition to fulfilling one of his wildest dreams to find coverage of this media fashion-loving fashionistas, the influenceuse is looking forward now to his studies.

Of course, Kim Kardashian has no degree (she had probably spent most of time shopping with her friends and the university as a Pierce where she was registered). But in California, one can become a lawyer(e) in the next four years of training before passing a contest. And it is precisely what made the woman of Kanye West for several months now, she studied law in her home, with the help of a law firm based in San Francisco.

The a business woman has already managed to generate 18 hours per week to his training, despite his full-time job on the social networks, the filming of The incredible family Kardashian, her husband often “whew” in his statements and his three children (Chicago, St. and North) which will soon have a little brother. One-time-use and well-filled ! It thus hopes to pass the bar in 2022. But with this training, a little less than 3% of the people who follow it succeed to become a lawyer(e) according to BuzzFeed.

Its purpose ? Help “the people who have paid their debt to society”

Notice, Kim Kardashian has any chance of passing the bar exam. We grant you, she is mostly known for its poses sexy on Insta. But her father, Robert Kardashian, was one of the lawyers for the most famous of the United States. He had defended O. J. Simpson, accused of murdering his wife in 1994. A trial so publicized that even the series American Crime Story has spent its season 1. The law, therefore, it is perhaps in the genes of Kim K.

The mother of the family had already helped Alice Mary Johnson, a grandmother of a sixty years shut up in prison more than 20 years. Imprisoned for a misdemeanor non-violent drug related, she was able to be pardoned in June 2018 by the president of the USA, Donald Trump himself, thanks to Kim Kardashian. “The White House called me in as a consultant to help reform the criminal justice system,” she explained to Vogue.

The friend of Paris Hilton still remembers this case as if it was yesterday : “I’m sitting in the room Roosevelt with a judge who sentenced criminals, and a lot of people who are very powerful, and here I am, saying to myself ‘oh shit’. I need to know more. I could say what I had to say on the human side and on the reasons why this imprisonment was so unfair. But I had with me of lawyers who could support this with the facts in the record”.

By becoming a magistrate, who is also adored that hated, wants to move things forward. “I’ve always known my role, but I just wanted to be able to beat me to people who have paid their debt to society,” she said, “I wanted to fight to fix the system and I told myself that if I knew more, I could do more”. Kim would she be the senshi of our time, a little way super-heroine in the Captain Marvel, ready to defend the widow and the orphan ?


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