Kim Kardashian speaks out on her 4th child : “It is the most quiet of my babies”

Kim Kardashian se confie sur son 4ème enfant : "C'est le plus calme de mes bébés"

Kim Kardashian speaks out on her 4th child : “It is the most quiet of my babies”

For several months, Kim Kardashian has a lot stressed for the arrival of her 4th child. Born to a surrogate mother last Friday, the baby boy would be in fact very easy to live with. The wife of Kanye West has confessed that she had panicked for nothing, and that their son would be the baby is the most calm she had.

Kim Kardashian talks about her baby

Last Friday, it is with great pleasure that Kim Kardashian revealed on her Twitter account that she and Kanye West had officially become parents of a 4th child. A little boy born to a surrogate mother whose parents have not yet revealed the name. The mother of a family has added a few words after the birth of the new-born. Before confiding on her baby, the star recalled having celebrated his coming into the world a few days ago. “We celebrated our baby boy there for about a week and now it is there,” she rejoiced, “here are pictures from my baby shower on the theme of the CBD”.

The photos of the baby shower is not like the other, Kim Kardashian seems at first to be surrounded by her family, specifically her mother Kris Jenner, her grandmother Mary Jo and her sisters Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. Children North, Chicago, Penelope, Stormi and St, from the back, are also present in the photographs. You can also see Kim K with her friends, including Paris Hilton.

“It is the most quiet and the more relaxed”

As for the baby himself, Kim Kardashian has proudly shared he was adorable and would look like his daughter in Chicago. “It is so perfect,” she explained, “I paniquais for nothing because he is the most calm and the most relaxed of all my babies, and far”. The baby boy would be so easier to live in than North, Holy, and Chicago at the same age. “Everyone likes it so much” she added. It is expected more than his photo and his first name !


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