Kim Kardashian unveils the trailer for The Justice Project, his documentary on inmates in prison

Kim Kardashian dévoile la bande-annonce de The Justice Project, son docu sur les détenus en prison

Kim Kardashian unveils trailer of The Justice Project, his documentary on inmates in prison

Forget Wonder Woman and Supergirl, the new senshi, it was Kim Kardashian. The star who shares the life of Kanye West has been releasing several of the prisoners who were languishing in prison. The a business woman even started to study law to become a lawyer and continue to make a difference. She has even carried out a survey of prisoners and men of the law, which will be released in the form of a documentary on Oxygen. That is also the mother of the family has also unveiled the bance-announcement of The Justice Project.

Kim Kardashian unveils the trailer for his project

You remember certainly, Kim Kardashian had met with the president of the United States Donald Trump. Not to speak foundation, but to support the liberation of Alice Marie Johnson. The soixantenaire had been imprisoned in 1997 for money laundering related to drug trafficking and was to remain imprisoned for life. It is a free woman she now spends her days thanks to the action of the star of reality tv. Further to this good action, Kim K has to be multiplied in coming to the help of several inmates. A long-term work that has been filmed. The documentary The Justice Project, which will be released on 5 April 2020 on the chain Oxygen, recounts and all that it girl has done for the american prisoners. A trailer has been unveiled on social networks in order to make a better account of the time and work that it took him.

On the images, we can see Alice Marie Johnson thank his benefactress : “Kim went to the war for me”. “Use me, I want to help him” had just said Kim Kardashian to the lawyers to bring justice to this woman. Thanks to this commitment, highly publicized, the one who lives a beautiful love story with Kanye West has explained in the docu : “I started to receive letters in which they told me, their lives and the conditions of their imprisonment”.

Affected by all these detainees who detailed their stories, Kim Kardashian does not want to close his eyes. She wants to help them. It was then that her fight for justice truly just only beginning. Moving into prisons, being received by lawyers, the queen of social networks will inform, learn, and especially use his image to save lives.

She wants to give a second chance to people

The fashionista explains in the trailer : “there are a lot of people who make bad choice after trauma”. They cannot be reduced to their mistakes, “people deserve a second chance”. Convinced by this idea, it has also added to the Associated Press (AP) : “I hope that it is a first step to open the minds and hearts of the people” and that The Justice Project will help to “change some of the current laws that really need to be changed”.

As if all this were not enough, the fashion icon has also become a law student since the summer of 2018. It thus hopes to become a lawyer like his father, Robert Kardashian (who had taken charge of the defense of O. J. Simpson during the trial mythical).

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