Kim Kardashian was accused of promoting anorexia

Ким Кардашьян обвинили в пропаганде анорексии

American star was surprised by a sharp weight loss.

A few days ago, the Kardashian sisters took part in a charity poker tournament, but a lot more of their skills in playing poker attention was drawn to the figure of Kim Kardashian, reports the with reference to More.

The reality star boasted that now weighs about 53 pounds, and then got in his address not only compliments, but also criticism. Kim blamed for promoting unhealthy weight loss and even anorexia.

In their social networks, Kim posted a short video tournament in which you can hear Kendall’s sister Kim, telling her “I’m really worried about you, I think you’re not eating”.

Chloe added that the waist Kim generally similar to anorexia, and its “hand is thinner than my little finger”. In the video Kim thanked the sisters for these “compliments” – and it is this fact more angered users of social networks.

They argue that such “irresponsible” comments “hurting a whole generation of young people”, promoting unhealthy weight loss.

Ким Кардашьян обвинили в пропаганде анорексии

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