King street retains Julien Lacroix

Rue King conserve Julien Lacroix

TVA will broadcast the episode on King Street, in which Julien Lacroix appears this fall.

This decision comes a few days after the publication of an article in the Duty in which nine women complain that the stand-up comic of misconduct and sexual assault.

In an email sent to the Newspaper, TVA explained its choice by noting that King Street is ” an excellent production “, the fruit of the work ” of several artists, creators and producers of home “.

“We recognize the value of the work of these craftsmen and are of the opinion that all of these do not deserve to be penalized for the appearance of the comedian as a guest in a single episode,” says VAT.

Julien Lacroix figure in the credits of the first episode of King Street. It embodies one of the people that Marie-Eve (Marie-Eve Morency) and Pier-Luc (Pier-Luc Funk) considered as a potential new roommate, before they select Sophie (Sophie Cadieux).

Not removed

The first season of King Street, a sitcom improvised, is available to subscribers of Club illico for almost three months. TVA announced Thursday that it would distribute this fall.

The fictions in which Julien Lacroix has appeared over the last few years have not been removed from the platforms of viewing early this week, according to the requests of various associations (AQTIS, ARRQ, SARTEC), who find it unfair that an entire team pays for the actions of an individual.

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