“King street” runs through to VAT

«Rue King» traverse à TVA

MONTREAL – Available on Club illico since the beginning of may, the comedy “Street King” will be added to the TVA programming this fall.

The “sitcom” is an adaptation of the format of the German “Schiller Street”, produced by Entourage Television, in collaboration with Quebecor Content. It showcases a trio of roommates eclectic living adventures, especially with people of their entourage.

Actors Pier-Luc Funk, Sophie Cadieux, Marie-Eve Morency, Mehdi Bousaidan, Stéphane Crête and Sylvie Moreau is improvise their lines in obeying the directives puffed in their atria by the game master, Stéphane Bellavance, who do their savings no challenge and no madness. “Street King” is recorded in front of public, which reacts spontaneously to the jokes of comedians.

The time slot occupied by “Street King” has not yet been specified by TVA.

With Julien Lacroix

Of the personalities invited to come and spice up the action of the “King Street” in each episode. Marie-Soleil Dion, Antoine Vézina, Anne-Élisabeth Bossé and Arnaud Soly are in the batch. In the first half-hour, it was Julien Lacroix, who goes in the loft of the “Street King” the time to do some antics.

TVA has indicated on Thursday that the episode involving the comic will be presented as such to the screen. The newspaper “The Duty” published on Monday testimonies of the alleged victims of Julian Lacroix, who accused him of misconduct and sexual assault, and several broadcasters, including Radio-Canada and Télé-Québec, removed emissions featuring this last in the last days.

“”King street” is an excellent production and is the result of the work and creativity of several artists, creators and producers among us. We recognize the value of the work of these craftsmen and are of the opinion that all of these do not deserve to be penalized for the appearance of the comedian as a guest in a single episode,” said VAT about Julien Lacroix and “King Street”.

Last week, Club illico réintégrait the series “The flaw” in his catalog after it is removed into a disaster, in response to allegations of sexual harassment and physical assault issued against By Morin, who plays in “The flaw”, by Safia Nolin. The strong protests of the middle of the tv have been due to the decision of Videotron, which has delivered “The flaw” on its platform in any discretion.

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