“Kirby’s Return to Dream Land”: Return to Wonderland

«Kirby’s Return to Dream Land”: Return to Wonderland


It was played for hours (and hours!) when it was first released in 2011. But today, Kirby's Return to Dream Landhas a facelift and is back in an enhanced and improved “deluxe” edition which, in addition to delighting nostalgic fans, will allow the youngest to learn about this video game classic. 

Ah, Kirby! This adorable and gluttonous pink ball has managed to survive three decades without losing its luster or appeal. As proof, he offered us, last year, his very first three-dimensional adventure, which was applauded by fans and critics alike. We had the confirmation, without any ambiguity, that this darling character of the players was able to evolve. And not just by gobbling up his enemies to emulate their combat abilities.

This time, however, we're diving back in time with Kirby's Return to Dream Land, a new port for the Nintendo Switch. If it does not reinvent the classic formula, it will still offer a few hours of happiness to nostalgics. 

Its plot? Kirby meets the intergalactic traveler Magalor, stranded on the planet Pop after the crash of his spaceship. The player will therefore have to survey different worlds to recover the pieces of his ship, just to allow him to return to the fold, namely Halcandra. 

We guess it all the same, this scenario is incidental, not useful what a pretext for a series of quests and adventures in comic lands populated by enemies cuter than formidable. 

Some new features

We admit it, we quickly fell back into our memories by launching part of this new Nintendo offer, released yesterday. Because if the colors are, of course, more vivid and vibrant, the essence of the classic game remains intact. 

Two new features still enhance the adventure: additional powers made available of our hero, that is to say the handling of sand and guns.

Do they radically change the course of the game? No, obviously. But they bring a bit of welcome novelty. 

It is really apart from the original adventure that this “deluxe” edition does justice to its name. First, with an epilogue that puts us in control of Magalor, bringing a different dynamic. With his own abilities – and, therefore, distinct from those of Kirby – this hero makes his own way in this same universe. 

It's fun, it's refreshing and, well, frankly, we wouldn't object to seeing it inherit its own video game franchise. 

Another novelty: additional mini-games, to be explored on the periphery of the main adventure. Think Mario Party, but with Kirby. It's a bit childish at times, but we guess that the target audience is at a young age. 

These two elements breathe new and inventive character, but above all increase the lifespan of the game that without them would not reach the five hour mark.  

  • Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe ★★★★☆

Available on Nintendo Switch