Kirkorov became a priest and surrounded himself with dissolute nuns video

Киркоров превратился в священника и окружил себя распутными монахинями, видео

today, 18:32

Russian singer Philip Kirkorov in the new video for the song “the Novels” presented itself in the form of the Pope. The video he posted on YouTube.

The artist announced the release of a new video for Valentine’s Day. Before fans of the singer will be in the image of the head of the Catholic Church who secretly dreams of a parishioner. The role of seductress will be performed by Yekaterina Varnava.

Киркоров превратился в священника и окружил себя распутными монахинями, видео

Kirkorov said that the creation of this clip was inspired by the couture collection of Dolce & Gabbana “Gods on Earth” and noted that in the video a lot of references to antiquity.

However, not all fans were delighted from the idea of the clip. Some noted that it’s overkill and outright blasphemy.

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Three luxurious outfits is handmade embroidery with gold thread and jewels. Including the diamonds.

The artist bought all the outfits for the music video, in Sicily, put the clothing about 35 million rubles.

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