Kirkorov lit classic picture with the family, and it’s not Pugacheva: “My favorite…”

Киркоров засветил раритетный снимок с самым родным человеком, и это не Пугачева: "Моя любимая..."

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Quite famous and scandalous Russian singer Philip Kirkorov often pleases fans of a variety of photos, laying them on his own Instagram page. Therefore, in connection with mother’s Day, the celebrity showed fans native to him, which, according to Kirkorov, no longer 25 years old.

“This is my beloved Mother. For 25 years she’s been gone, but her memory alive in my heart every day. Thanks for life, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!”, signed rare the singer, which depicts him and his mother.

Киркоров засветил раритетный снимок с самым родным человеком, и это не Пугачева: "Моя любимая..."

A screenshot of the message

Note that in the comments the fans sympathize with the singer and they say that they are very, very similar as “two peas in a pod”.

Recall that Kirkorov was noticed with the new girl. Therefore, in the Russian media appeared rumors that the famous singer Philip Kirkorov was reunited with Ekaterina Guseva, socialite and DJ. Last year the public became aware of the fact that between them formed a close relationship. However, they did not last long, because Kirkorov has been very busy concert schedule.

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