KISS gave a concert for the sharks: toothed monsters did not appreciate the effort video

KISS устроила концерт для акул: зубатые монстры не оценили стараний, видео

White shark, photo: nat geo

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The band KISS have announced a special concert for great white sharks in early October. The musicians fulfilled his promise and delivered. However, to listen to their music sailed no shark.

The concert took place on November 18. The group also took the ship 8 fans and they went to the depths of the Indian ocean.

It was assumed that the speakers are installed under water, will create a “seductive” vibration lure sharks.

KISS устроила концерт для акул: зубатые монстры не оценили стараний, видео

KISS and shark, photo:

Although it was not as planned, and no shark came to listen to the musicians, the fans were satisfied.

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Fans noted that it was in the style of the band: loud, with lights and smoke machines. The concert took place without Paul Stanley – he was sick.

It is known that unusual speech became part of the collaboration with Airbnb, which was selling tickets to the fans.

One ticket for the ship cost 71 dollar, the money raised sent to charity.

We will remind, who is of Ukrainian stars fundamentally stands in Russia.

As reported Know. ua, Polyakova appeared at the concert of The Hardkiss in “Nude” dress.

Also Know As. ua wrote that the soloist KAZKA Alexander zaritska seduced Instagram figure in a bikini.

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