Kissed me and asked me to sit on his lap – the most famous model of the world complain of harassment

Лез целоваться и просил сидеть на коленях - самые известные модели мира жалуются на домогательства

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Victoria’s Secret has defined femininity for millions of women. Their catalog and fashion shows were more popular than any show. Models place the “angel” is the most cherished dream.

But inside the company, two powerful men led the enshrined culture mtgn, bullying and harassment, according to an interview given to The New York Times , more than 30 ninni and former Directors, officers, contractors, and models, as well as legal representation and other instruments.

Лез целоваться и просил сидеть на коленях - самые известные модели мира жалуются на домогательства

Leslie Wexner, left, and ed Razek, the two men who led Victoria’s Secret. Credit …Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images for Fragrance Foundation

Ed Razek, for decades one of the best managers L Brands, parent company Victoria’s Secret, were the subject of repeated complaints of misconduct. He tried to kiss models and sit on my lap. Could even motorcade to spicy places before the release of the models on the catwalk.

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The leaders said they warned Leslie Wexner, billionaire founder and CEO of L Brands, about the behavior of his Deputy. Some women who complained have faced retaliation. One of the models, Andy Muses, said that Victoria’s Secret stopped to hire her for their fashion shows, after she refused the advances of Mr. Razek.

A number of models agreed to pose Nude, often without paying, the outstanding photographer of Victoria’s Secret, which is later used a few pictures in an expensive book from a coffee table arrangement, which made the leaders of the L Brands uncomfortable about the fact that women are under pressure to take their clothes off.

I spent all my savings, getting underwear Victoria’s Secret, to prepare for what, in my opinion, was my audition. But it seemed to call to prostitution. I feel like I am in hell, said the woman, recognized as Jane DOE, in a statement read aloud last summer during a hearing in Federal court in the case of Epstein

Лез целоваться и просил сидеть на коленях - самые известные модели мира жалуются на домогательства

photos from the show

The atmosphere was installed upstairs. Mr. Razek, chief marketing officer, was seen as the trusted Mr. Wexner, leaving many workers the impression that he is invincible, according to current and former employees. Repeatedly from Mr. Wexner heard complaints and seen how he humiliates women.

At the auditions, Mr. Razek sometimes asked models in bras and underwear for their phone numbers. He called upon others to sit on his lap. Two models said that he asked them to arrange private dinners with him.

Ed Razek denies the charges and calls them such, which do not correspond to reality and are interpreted incorrectly or out of context”. The whole list of complaints, he can comment on the journalists refused.

Recall that candice Swanepoel has again become one you know where you applaud and which I love – nicekarina Victoria’s Secret.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, appeared a photo collage where you can see two photos of Bella Hadid with a difference in ten years.

Also Know As.Eeyore” wrote that popular American company “L Brands”, which owns the lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret, said the cancellation of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2019.

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