Kit Harington has dared to shave his beard : everyone seems to regret including him and his wife

Kit Harington alias Jon Snow Game of Thrones was razed to the ground : it reveals the reason of this change.

It is with regret that we must announce the terrible news : Kit Harington has shaved the beard. The one who plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones is no longer a single hair on the chin. But why has he decided to just remove it ? The hunk has revealed the reason for this radical change.

Kit Harington without the beard

Breaking news : Kit Harington is razed to the ground. The hair ? No, the beard. This info may seem trivial, it we’ll grant you that, but who really wants to see the hero of Game of Thrones without hair on the chin ? Admittedly, the husband of Rose Leslie’s always a canon, but when even Jon Snow without a beard it’s a bit like GOT no scenes of fighting or sex, right ? Guest in Saturday Night Live, the BG has confessed to the reason that forced him to shave. Is it to look like a teen in the Archie Andrews of Riverdale ? Or for a new role ? It is a bit like that (the second option eh, not the first). It is for the needs of a sketch that the actor has indeed changed to look.

Kit Harington has hosted SNL on April 7, 2019 in the United States, and it is for a series of skits from the show that he has had to go through the box razor : “Yes, they have me clean-shaven”, “there are several reasons why I had to be shaved. I had to play Michael Jackson and Winston Churchill”. “This is the first time in a long time, that I had a reason to shave. And I did” he confessed, “I have the impression that I am like a child tired”.

His sketch hilarious

Always in the framework of the Saturday Night Live that he presented during an evening, Kit Harington has also delivered a sketch delirious with the help of three of the actors from Game of Thrones. “Many of you have seen me in Game Of Thrones, which is probably a good thing, launches the actor of 32 years. Some of you have also seen my film Pompeii, which is somewhere a disaster bigger than the one on which it is based” he started, with a lot of self-deprecating humor. In addition to being hot, the British, therefore, is also very funny.

Emilia Clarke (aka Daenerys) intervened to ask him from the audience : “do You remember, during season 6, when we slept together ?”, “You knew that they had filmed it ?”. Then it was John Bradley who plays Samwell Tarly, who is questioned about their friendship. “We will be able to continue to hang out together after the end of the series, as two best friends ?” he asked, before proposing the date of “next Tuesday at 6 o’clock in the morning”. Even if Kit Harington promises him to stay his BFF, he admits to be busy at this time. “You’ve changed” to berate him while his poto. The Night King (king of the night), the big bad of the series HBO for those who don’t know, is trying from its side to make friend-friends with him, but then again Kit refuses.

It is finally to his wife, Rose, Leslie, who asks him a last question. And no, she did not want to know the end of the season 8 of Game of Thrones. “How are we going to do to earn money now ?” does she want to know “Because you don’t stop to tell me ‘Oh, I’m the king of the North, we can order Uber Eats all the nights'”. Then, she concludes her tirade by advising him to “re-grow this beard”. Definitely, everyone prefers with his hair. On social networks also, the fans regret his “old head” fish.


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