Kit Harington spoke about his feelings while making out with Emilia Clarke

The actor admitted that his wife – a close friend Emilia

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Кит Харингтон рассказал о своих чувствах во время поцелуев с Эмилией Кларк

Kit Harington

The star of the series “Game of thrones” episode 1 of season 8 which set a record for views, kit Harington said that kissing his co-star TV series Emilia Clarke was “weird” because she is a close friend and his wife. The actor admitted the newspaper The Daily Mirror.

Кит Харингтон рассказал о своих чувствах во время поцелуев с Эмилией Кларк

“Game of thrones”

Note that the romance between the characters of the show – Jon snow and Daenerys broke out at the end of the seventh season. In the first series of the final cycle, the characters kiss, and surveys have become a challenge for them because of rose Leslie, wife of Harrington. Rose previously played Igrid, beloved John from the wild, and became friends with Emily on the Playground. Girls stay close and still.

“Emilia and I were best friends for seven years, and by the time when we had to kiss, it seemed strange. Especially because she’s friends with rose (wife of Keith Harrington, ed.). We had dinner together, and then we have this scene with kisses. But we’re actors, and it’s our job,” said 32-year-old Harington.

We will remind, earlier the star of the series “Game of thrones” as part of a major campaign presented the series in Belfast, Northern Ireland. But Emilia Clarke had a serious surgery after a stroke and only now showed images taken after surgery on the brain.

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