Kitchen accessories : safety bbq

Accessoires de cuisine : sécurité au barbecue

Cook a meal on the barbecue safely and with style, it is possible when one chooses wisely his equipment.

Long utensils

This set of three utensils Napoleon, made of cast stainless steel and features a long handle and ergonomic handle, ensures a reasonable distance between the cook and the barbecue. The spatula with its cutting tip and its serrated edge is perfect for the steaks and the food of large size. The clamp locking is used to handle the grill easily while the brush in the silicone adds flavor to your meal. > 64,99 $

Well gloved

Made of aramid fibers resistant to fire and a heat of 250 °C, these gloves offered by Trudeau to protect your hands when cooking on the barbecue, without compromising your dexterity. The presence of silicone provides a non slip grip and the red color stimulates the appetite. > 39,99 $ the set of two

Mitten summer

The hand placed closest to the grill, holding the handle of a cast-iron pan, for example, or moving skewers and aluminum foil, should always wear a mitten like this one suggested by Ricardo. The outer non-slip silicone withstands heat to 240 °C and the interior cotton offers a collection of comfortable. > $ 24.99 a unit

Lighter without a flame

Here is a lighter electric power that requires no fuel, and recharges through a USB cable. This is the ÉlectroMax BBQ Quebec. Regardless of the weather and the wind, it does not turn off and its stem is flexible, promotes easy ignition safe. > 17,99 $

Essential apron

Avoid soiling your clothes while preserving your style, proudly wearing the apron unisex PATRIZIO House Milan. Hand-made in Canada, this apron is composed of a fabric anti-fire and gimps véganes washable, has a padded adjustable with clamps, removable pouch to hold an iPhone and a pencil and two long front pockets for keeping utensils and a book of recipes to hand. Colors for all tastes are available ! > 64,99 $

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