KJ Apa confirms to be the couple and reveals a photo of a kiss with his girlfriend (French ?)

KJ Apa confirme être en couple et dévoile une photo d'un baiser avec sa copine (française ?)

KJ Apa confirms couple : it reveals a photo of a kiss with his girlfriend

Sorry to the lovers of the actor KJ Apa is officially no longer single. For the first time, the one who plays Archie Andrews has formalized its torque. The hero of the series Riverdale on Netflix has even posted a photo of him and his girlfriend kissing. A kiss that is already a lot to talk about of many web users.

KJ Apa confirms couple

It’s official, KJ Apa is no longer a heart to take ! One that embodies Archie Andrews in the series Riverdale on Netflix has confirmed to be as a couple. This is the first time that the actor-known for his red hair and his muscular torso revealed to be in a committed romantic relationship. On his account Instagram, it has formalized its romance by posting a photo of him trying to exchange a kiss with his girlfriend. An image taken in the Tuileries garden in Paris. And most importantly, where the lovebirds show incognito with baseball caps on their heads, and most importantly, the face of his beloved hidden.

The photo has garnered more than 1.6 million likes in just 5 hours. In the comments, outside of the lamentations of many of the fans at the end of their life, it is no longer single, there is a question that often comes up : who is she ? Who is this girl that KJ Apa embraces ?

Would this be Clara Berry ?

At the beginning of the month of December, 2019, a rumor said that KJ Apa would be in a relationship with a mannequin in French, a certain Clara Berry. It must be said that the clues about their supposed relationship are many from November 2019, between the actor who shows up in a photo under a sign “Berry Street”, the two stars who were together at the concert of the rapper in Di-Meh at The Maroquinerie in Paris, the fact that they likent their posts on Instagram, and the mother of KJ Apa follow Clara Berry on the same social network, or even the fact that nice kid has begun to learn French…

All of these clues seemed to confirm his romance with Clara Berry. And now, KJ Apa has formalized her marriage without specifying whether it was the top. But it should be noted that this kiss took place in the French capital and once again, he wrote in French : “Coup de foudre”. It is, therefore, really in love, and probably a frenchy. Therefore likely to Clara Berry.

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