KJ Apa (Riverdale) : soon an album with his group !

KJ Apa (Riverdale) : bientôt un album avec son groupe !

KJ Apa (Riverdale) : soon an album with his group !

This week, you will finally be able to find KJ Apa in a new episode of season 3 of Riverdale. But in addition to embody Archie Andrews, the new zealanders, to other projects… music ! He just announced that he was in the midst of preparing an album with the band that he put together in the company of Rob Raco aka Joaquin in the series.

The actors of the series often have more than one talent ! Dylan Minnette (Clay in 13 Reasons Why), for example, makes part of the group Wallows, of which he is the lead singer and guitarist, and Tyler Posey (Scott , Teen Wolf) plays in a group of pop, phunk, Disappearing Jamie. KJ Apa alias Archie Andrews in Riverdale has also always been passionate about music and has proved his talent in the series where he sings regularly. But it has not stopped there !

Soon an album for KJ Apa

A few months ago, KJ Apa has created with Rob Raco who played Joaquin in the series available to us on Netflix the group The Good Time Boys – since renamed Legend – where there are also two other artists : Josh Wypers and Bradley Merryfield. The boys gave their first concert at an event hosted by Teen Vogue, where they were joined on stage by Hart Denton (Chic in Riverdale). But their musical project is not simply a hobby. On the occasion of an interview given to People, KJ Apa has announced a great new : the group is currently working on the preparation of a first album. The actor has not said more, but one can imagine that we will keep them informed of the progress of things on the social networks !

In this same interview, the actor who will soon be cast in the movie The Last Summer on Netflix is also entrusted on his musical tastes and explained that it was any kind of music from rock to jazz to funk. Among its artists of the moment ? “Smashing Pumpkins, the Grateful Dead, and Eagles” he confided. That valid ?


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