Klitschko and Lennox Lewis met again in the ring. Video

Кличко и Леннокс Льюис снова встретились в ринге. Видео

They are in detail analyzed your battle 2003.

Former world Champions on Boxing in a super heavyweight Vitaly Klitschko and Lennox Lewis 15 years after their match was found with Boxing gloves at the opening of the 56th world Boxing Council (WBC), which this time takes place in Kyiv.

According to the report, they came on the scene, in detail, analyzed his fight 2003 and came to the conclusion that that day was won not by one of them, and the box itself.

In addition to former rivals to the public came out and the doctor Paul Wallace, who then stopped the fight because of the cut of the Ukrainians, despite the fact that the current mayor of Kiev was winning the fight on all three judges with a score of 58:56.

“What I was sure about is the fact that you, Vitaly, fought like a champion, but also I was sure that you will have another chance to win the belt,” said Wallace.

The rematch never took place – the British did not keep his promise and retired boxer.

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