Klitschko wife quail hit of Lady Gaga. Video

Жена Кличко перепела хит Lady Gaga. Видео

Natalia sang a song from the film “a star is born”.The wife of the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko Natalia, a well-known fact that in Germany, she is engaged in singing career, posted on his Facebook his cover version of the famous song by Lady Gaga from the movie “a star is born”.

Recall the “star is born” – remake of the eponymous film in 1937 it tells the story of a Hollywood star, rising to stardom thanks to the aging musician, an alcoholic. One of the main roles in the film was played by singer Lady Gaga, who wrote and performs the original songs in the film.

The song “Shallow”, performed by Natalia Klitschko, was included in the soundtrack for the film. She won the award “Golden globe” in the nomination “best song”.

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