“Knows his worth”: the godfather Jiji began to protect Prytula, Eurovision still haunts

"Не знает себе цену": кума Дзидзьо стала на защиту Притулы, Евровидение до сих пор не дает покоя

The scandalous behavior Prytula has attracted a lot of attention

Singer Olga Cybulski spoke frankly about the showman Sergey Pritula, in particular – about how he acted at the National selection for Eurovision – 2019. It is known that the controversial presenter made very explicit and rude jokes, which caused a severe outcry among the stars and among the audience – many found the behavior of the showman, is simply inadmissible. In an exclusive interview with LifeStyle 24 commented on the behavior of colleagues in show business.

Though the national selection has already died down in Ukraine, the show is still the top topic in show business. Many controversial statements sounded unprofessional Sergey Prytula. In particular, supporters of the Eurovision song contest-2019 stated that the showman was intolerant in dealing with the party of Andrew Hyatt and scandal Novel by Skrypnyk.

"Не знает себе цену": кума Дзидзьо стала на защиту Притулы, Евровидение до сих пор не дает покоя

Olga Cybulski

I think that in every person’s life comes the moment when he thinks he can say anything, anywhere. This was the case. He has a certain confidence in the audience, a high level of trust among its supporters and among Ukrainians. I know Sergey for a long time, and he already knows his worth. But the more we know, the more we ought to doubt myself. Olga Cybulski

We will remind, earlier the portal reported that the altercation fans Zelensky and Poroshenko, which was hurt by Irma Vitovskaya, enraged Sergey Pritula: so he had not yet spoken.

Showman Serhiy Prytula, who recently offered his services as a presenter on the debate Poroshenko and Zelensky, emotionally stood up in his Facebook for the actress Irma Vitovsky, which ran into a storm of criticism. On the Irma stated that he supports Poroshenko in the presidential election, and in response she poured the offensive, including obscene comments. Sergey Pritula couldn’t see how hurt not just the woman and his longtime girlfriend, and basically degrading and wrote a long and angry post directed to all commentators and Ukrainians in General.

Earlier, Irma Vitovskaya advised Ukrainians not to get confused and not vote on emotion, and loudly declared that those who did not vote should generally be silent.

Recall the warning from the witch’s election day: don’t get involved in adventures, no deals with a conscience!

As reported Znayu on the way to the second round expect Zelensky, Poroshenko and smartly.

Also Znayu wrote, Vakarchuk received a resounding “bream” of Ukrainians: for all Zelensky, the joke was over.


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