Koba LaD deprogrammed several festivals after the controversy homophobic

Koba LaD déprogrammé de plusieurs festivals après la polémique homophobe

Koba LaD in the midst of controversy, he did his mea culpa : “I reacted without thinking, I am against homophobia”

We Love Green (Paris), Main Square Festival (Arras), Garorock (Marmande), Dour Festival (Belgium), VYV Festival in Dijon (france)… After the post homophobic shared by Koba LaD, several festivals have taken the decision to de-program the rapper and condemned “all about discrimination”.

“I don’t condone murder and I am against homophobia. I reacted without thinking, without weighing the words and realize the impact of this capture. I didn’t believe they would think that I could be ok with that !”. Despite the apologies of Koba LaD after sharing a post-homophobic, the controversy continues to swell, and the penalties of falling. Shortly after the VYV Festival, other festivals have announced their own decision to change the artist.

Several festivals have deprogrammed Koba LaD

This is the case of the Main Square Festival in Arras, in which the interpreter of “Deadly” was part of the 4th of July : “If we want to believe in the awkwardness of a young man whose actions have been able to move beyond thinking in a context of hyper-connectivity, it remains that the ideas that have been promoted do not have their place in the Citadel”. The festival We Love Green in Paris specifies that “the ideas [editor’s note : by the rapper 20 years] are inconsistent with the state of mind of the festival”.

The festivals Garorock and Garosnow Marmande highlight the fact that they “have at heart to offer programming that is rich in diversity, highlighting artists who share principles and values, and promoting tolerance and respect for all, away from all remarks and discriminatory behaviour. This is why, as the organizer, we take the decision to de-program Koba LaD of which we do not endorse the comments made recently on social networks.”.

They condemn “any statements and discriminatory behaviour”

The festival Freemusic to Montendre, in Charente-Maritime, holds the same speech : “We condemn just about anything discriminatory. It is the result of a positioning assumed, a clumsy human, it remains that the message conveyed goes against our values”. In Belgium, Dour Festival has also taken the decision to de-program Koba LaD, and condemned “firmly any type of hate speech”, pretending to be “a place of sharing and tolerance, open to all.te.s without distinction of gender or sexual orientation”. The festivals Marsatac or Art Rock, including Koba Fda is also to the poster, will they be the next to make this decision ?

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