Koba LaD insult the youtubeuse Sherazade, she explains their clash in video

Koba LaD insulte la youtubeuse Sherazade, elle explique leur clash en vidéo

Koba LaD takes it to the youtubeuse Sherazade

That happened between the youtubeuse Sherazade and the rapper Koba LaD ? After having been violently abused by the interpreter of the “Train of life” on Twitter, the youtubeuse returned to their clash in a shared video on his channel. She explains that she defended merely the work of her photographer, Iyad…

If you are a follower of social networks, you certainly have seen this clash between the rapper Koba Fda and the youtubeuse Sherazade. But what has happened in the past ? In a video shared on her chain, she explained the origin of their flaws : “Koba LaD has posted his photos on Instagram. Very nice honor, that is so cool, it’s a nice recognition, but it has not tagged Iyad on the photos”. He then remarked in the contacting on Instagram. Without answer, he then asked on Twitter to ask him to identify it. A post that the youtubeuse favoured and retweeted.

Sherazade insulted by Koba LaD

In response, the interpreter of “Mortal” has insulted the photographer : “shut your mouth brother, why you not say in private, you’re there you want to make buzz on Twitter, lunch with your mother, I will not identify, cocksucker goes”. Seeing this, the youtubeuse could not help but take the defense of his friend : “Esh Koba, how it screws your mother ? Oh rapper not rapper, respects people, is what education is that ?”. Koba LaD then said “you too nick, your mother”. Tweets subsequently removed.

She comes to the defense of “people who have occupations in the shadow who don’t have enough recognition”

If she felt as much involved in the story, it is in defence of “people who have occupations in the shadow who don’t have enough recognition, especially in France”. For her, it is logic to put forward their work. “I understand that one can find it funny haha an artist that tweet nique your mother dirty whore, but it’s part of a photographer who has spent hours on the thirty photos that just asks to be credited for his work on curse…”, she wrote on Twitter. She then asked the community to tag the photographer below the release of the rapper “for he has at least the accreditation that it deserves and which it has not had” : “Koba LaD did not want the tag, it was made by us”.

Koba LaD takes it to the youtubeuse Sherazade

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