Koba LaD is inspired by the new series, Netflix is Deadly for her video clip “Deadly”

Video “Mortal” : Koba LaD is inspired by the new French series Netflix, Mortal

This Thursday 21 November 2019, Netflix has brought online its new French series, death, Nemo Schiffman, Manon Bresch and Carl Malapa. Koba LaD is inspired by the fantastic show for the video for her latest single Mortal. A clip in which the rapper takes really the creation of the universe of Frédéric Garcia.

You’re a fan of fantasy, science-fiction, fantasy and teen shows ? Deadly, the new French series from Netflix, is without a doubt made for you ! The pitch ? Victor (Nemo Schiffman) and Sofiane (Carl Malapa), two high school students that all objects, make a pact with a supernatural being. A pact that gives them voodoo powers to get revenge on the murderer of his brother Sofiane. Teens will be helped by Luisa (Manon Bresch). Their lives will never be the same after this adventure.

Koba LaD mode “Mortal” in her new video

To accompany the world of dark to Mortal, the creator, Frédéric Garcia, and his team are counting on the original tape 100% rap to be very effective and explosive. It is therefore not surprising that they have turned to Koba Fda for the song Mortal whose clip has just been unveiled : dark atmosphere, red light, evening between friends… the video is pretty faithful to the French show.

In the its, the interpreter of Mary speaks of a strong relationship between two brothers : “Ten pounds, twenty pounds, quiet I the liquid / And the biggest tell that I am mortal / I shakes my loks I do it in front of forty thousand people / And your little sister says that I’m mortal (…) My fréro how I love you, you’re my brother but from another mother You lit one, bah I turn on the other, I take your skates don’t worry my brother.

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