Koba The D accused of homophobia : the festivals ready to take penalties

Koba La D accusé d'homophobie : les festivals prêts à prendre des sanctions

Koba The D accused of homophobia : the festivals ready to take penalties

Accused of homophobia, Koba LaD will he be deprogrammed of the festivals in which he was involved ? After the bad buzz from one of its publications polemics, several festivals such as We Love Green, Main Square Festival, or the Festival ArtRock asked for an explanation and are contemplating sanctions.

Koba LaD don’t miss an opportunity to be controversial. After being attacked at the youtubeuse Sherazade, the rapper in the 19-year-old has found himself at the heart of a bad buzz because of a tweet to be homophobic. The interpreter of the title Train of life has in fact shared on Snapchat a screenshot of an article that explains that “this father kills his own 14 year old son because he was gay He’d rather a dead son than a son gay'”. What Koba LaD is said to have replied : “Well played”.

Koba LaD accused of homophobia

Shocked, the people have responded en masse and denounced the rapper, who reacted on Snapchat : “Good I see that it starts to make controversy, jsuis not homophobic, not try to me to paste this label. God for all. I endorse not the screen that turns, “he wrote before adding “It’s no use arguing. I’m not homophobic, each for himself, God for all. I don’t condone the murder, or the child gay. Off topic, this is a misunderstanding.”.

The festivals are ready to take penalties

Justifications in that have obviously not been sufficient to festivals, ready to take sanctions against the rapper. Among them, the We Love Green, which is considering completely de-program the interpreter of The C : “We are since yesterday evening in contact with the team of the artist to understand. We Love Green, since its inception, has always advocated mutual respect, exchange and condemn the messages of hate and rejection of others. In agreement with these principles, we will take action as we deem appropriate with the values of the festival”. This is not all : the Dour Festival, the Vyv Festival, Main Square Festival, or the Festival ArtRock ask them also “his explanations”.

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