Koh Lanta 2022: a new couple formed thanks to the show? Two grilled adventurers!

Colin is one of the adventurers who marked this Koh Lanta 2022 (or Koh Lanta: the cursed Totem), currently broadcast on TF1. The young man was betrayed by the red team and was eliminated at the end of episode 9. During his adventure, rumors of a relationship with Olga circulated but were quickly denied. Today, place for a new rumor with another adventurer… And it already seems a little more believable.

Colin was eliminated from Koh Lanta 2022 (or Koh Lanta: the cursed Totem) in episode 9, of which we shared the best moments with you in tweets . The young man felt betrayed by the red team. Indeed, during the ambassadors, Louana had promised him that he would have the protection of the opposing team… And Colin was well done because they almost all voted against him! “I thought Louana was going to do the job and that the others had a word. It's easy to say that I didn't keep my word, but neither did they” he declared to Télé-Loisirs.

During his adventure, the adventurer was very close to his teammate Olga. It didn't take more to panic Internet users and many rumors of a couple appeared on the web. Unfortunately for the fans, the two candidates quickly denied the information. “People are getting carried away. With Olga, we were very close. This adventure welds a lot. We have the same vibe, we have a very strong but very friendly thing” Colin explained to Purepeople. “There will never be more than friendship between Colin and me< /strong>. We're just super allies. We met on the first day on the beach and we never left each other” assured, meanwhile, the former former Moulin Rouge dancer in Figaro.

Colin in a relationship with another adventurer?

Koh Lanta 2022: a new couple formed thanks to the show? Two toasted adventurers!

According to Shayara TV, Colin and Marie are a couple.

Koh Lanta 2022: a new couple formed thanks to the show? Two grilled adventurers ;s!

Colin and Marie appear in story.

But according to Shayara TV, the one who confessed what he feared the most on the show would have found love with an adventurer. Indeed, he would be in a relationship with Marie, candidate of Koh Lanta 2021 (or Koh Lanta: secret weapons). The two adventurers appeared together in a story and, according to the blogger, they were caught kissing. So are Colin and Marie really a couple? To be continued!