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Koh Lanta 2022: salt shower, nightmarish toilets, phantom libido… the infernal hygiene of the candidates

After long weeks of competition, it is this Tuesday, June 21 that the Koh Lanta 2022 – Le Totem Maudit adventure ends on TF1 with the pole test and the grand finale. The opportunity for us to come back to a very important subject in the history of the game: the infernal hygiene of the candidates. Between the absence of a shower, improvised toilets or hastily made toothpaste, the adventurers are suffering like never before on the island.

Participate in Koh Lanta, it is the dream of millions of people in France. Between the check for €100,000 to be won, participation in cult events (orientation, posts) or the possibility of voluntarily scratching the first names of the competitors at the time of the advice, the arguments to convince us to try our luck are numerous. On the other hand, it is quickly to forget a very important thing: an adventure on the island of Denis Brogniart = sacrifice of his hygiene.

No shower available for the candidates

Indeed, unless you live in the world of Care Bears, you are aware that the shooting conditions are particularly harsh for the candidates. While they already have no beds or sleeping bags to sleep at night, they cannot even benefit from a shower to wash up after the tests or a restless night. On the contrary, if the adventurers do not want to be eliminated because of their smell, it is in the salty sea that they are forced to wash, even if it means coming out of the water with damaged skin and greasy hair. Because yes, unsurprisingly, shower gels and shampoos are not allowed either.

Toothbrush prohibited

A ban difficult to live with, but which is not the worst. On the contrary, if some lucky ones are eliminated early in the adventure, the strongest candidates find themselves spending whole days alternating… between two or three underwear to be washed in the sea, without detergent. Similarly, the concepts of toothbrush and toothpaste no longer exist on the beach. Results ? To save their smile, participants must therefore wash their mouths with ash/charcoal. Yes, we now understand better why Denis Brogniart always keeps his distance when he meets them.

On this subject, Olga – candidate for this 2022 season, has indeed confirmed that even mosquitoes no longer dare to approach anyone on the island because the smell given off by adventurers is disgusting, “When you pass someone, you wonder if it's you or if it's him who smells so bad. But in fact, it's all of us! Just by raising your hands or making an effort, you think 'oh my God, how awful!

Nightmarish toilets

Finally, without much surprise, the adventurers – already obliged to build their own camp, must also improvise toilets in the middle of the forest to relieve themselves. The problem ? While the strategies of the candidates explode regularly during the adventure, their various organizations set up for the WCs are never 100% effective there either. On the contrary, as one of the game's producers confided to Télé-Loisirs, if everyone usually agrees on ONE place to use to pee and poo, it would not be uncommon to see them gradually walk in the droppings of others. It remains to be seen whether it brings good luck or not.

For the anecdote, Olga revealed during an Instagram story that she had opted for the cat technique, namely, digging a hole in the sand and pushing: “We go to the beach, we land under the moon and count the stars”.

What libido for adventurers?

No showers, no toothbrushes, no toilets, Koh Lanta= the nightmare for any civilized human being. However, as incredible as it may seem, these conditions do not prevent some candidates from falling in love. What to understand that there are also some sexual relations on the island when the cameras look elsewhere? We reassure you, they would not go that far.

When asked about this last year, Clémentine (finalist in 2017) declared in particular: “On the island, we are in fashion 'disgusting' very quickly. We no longer pay attention to our hair or glamor after three days“. In reality, between hunger, tension and lack of hygiene, the participants would logically have their heads elsewhere, “Our primary instinct is to seek food. The rest, we do not care. After a week, we talk about poo and farts in an uninhibited way“. In short, if you want to get caught, stay on Tinder instead!

The rare help from production

Note that if the production is not there to help the candidates – it does not even give them PQ (coconut leaves or the sea are often used to clean the behind), it is not heartless no more. In fact, women can of course have access to sanitary protection in case of menstruation. Similarly, a box of condoms is always made available to the different clans in order to avoid the slightest problem (STD, unwanted pregnancy, etc.). Finally, be aware that a mini first aid kit is also provided to candidates to repair a few sores and avoid the slightest infection. Hallelujah.

Fun fact: sex is so off the minds of candidates that condoms are sometimes used for other things. In her book I told you not to do Koh-Lanta, Jessica Joulié (Koh-Lanta 2008) revealed that her team had found another use for condoms “She was making a fire with a condom“. How ? By using a condom filled with water to use it as a magnifying glass to then focus the sun's rays on a specific target.

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