Koh Lanta 2022: worst memories, advice and prono, the posts seen by the ex-star candidates

This Tuesday, June 21, 2022, TF1 is broadcasting the grand finale of Koh Lanta 2022 (or Koh Lanta: the cursed Totem). Géraldine, Jean-Charles, François and Bastien will compete on the posts to win their place in the final and perhaps become the big winner. For the occasion, former star candidates gave us their advice for this legendary event. They also reveal their best and worst memories and give us their predictions on the potential winner.

Ugo, Brice and Loïc tell us all about the mythical test of the poles of Koh Lanta

My number 1 advice for success: abnegation here, above all the goal is to mentalize yourself, really it's super complicated to stand on a pole doing nothing, the head it turns in all directions,you must not look at what the others are doing. I only focus on myself, because if I see that the others around me are good, at ease, it really hurts my morale and that's not good for the future. So there you go, just take care of yourself, we forget about our feet, anyway our feet hurt us so we forget about the pain, we get stuck in our heads and we're going to try to go far. Me, I repeated a cooking recipe for 4 hours in 2012, mussels with chorizo, and it allowed me to hold on so it's really only mental ” reveals Ugo, winner of Koh Lanta Malaysia in 2012, after remaining 4 hours and 9 minutes on the poles.

The real advice is to be focused

My advice to pass the test of the poles, it would already be train in patience because we expect a lot, you have to be very, very patient and focused. You also have to practice balance because you stay on a stake for hours, so I would say it's a mix between patience and balance strong>” declares Loïc, second in the event in 2020 after staying 3h45.

For Brice, who won the event against him and who lost a lot of weight during the adventure, “the real advice is to be concentrated, but the one where the one who wins the posts, it's the person who has the most mental! All the cards are reshuffled on the posts“.

A part of luck?

For them, there is no room for luck in this event… Or very little! “I don't think there is any room for luck on this event, the weather conditions are the same for the three on the poles, there may be rain, a gust of wind which can make you fall… But no, it's mental, luck, for me, n has no place on the posts. It's the best who wins in this event” says the one who really deserved to win Koh Lanta, the legend. Same story with Brice: ” It's really the mentally best one who wins“.

I think there is a bit of luck in this event, because it will depend on the elements. It is enough that there is wind, rain… it can vary according to the seasons. So there is a bit of luck in terms of the weather, but otherwise, if the weather is calm, it's above all talent and concentration“, says Loïc for his part. .

The best memory is obviously when competitors fall

The three adventurers also revealed their best and worst memories of this event. For Ugo, “the best was definitely the moment when I won in 2012, when I realized that I was the last one standing on those damn posts and it was the conclusion of 40 days of hardship. It's really a crazy moment to think that we didn't do all this for nothing, it's really an exceptional moment strong> The worst memory may be the opposite, when I fall from the poles in 2021… Laurent Maistret hangs on like a mollusc. At the last clapper that falls, I clearly have less balance than him at that moment, I fall, I'm second, I know I'm losing Koh Lanta. That moment is really quite a delicate memory“.

My best memory for the poles is simply being on the poles of Koh Lanta, clearly, it is the mythical test. The worst memory for me is waiting, it's really very very very long… I'm not too patient so it was quite hard” remembers Loïc.

The best memory, it's obviously when the competitors fall. In fact, on the posts, we do not see the other candidates and therefore we only trust the noise, and of course Denis. The joy of hearing splash and saying to yourself there are only two left and then again, a second splash and then you know you've won, it's magic to tell yourself that you're the last adventurer standing after 40 days. The worst memory is the heat, it was very hot and the most difficult thing is also to manage your needs (to pee you always wonder how to do it and then you end up managing )” says Brice, who became a father shortly after the adventure.

Bastien favorite

Like any good old adventurer, Ugo, Brice and Loïc followed this Koh-Lanta 2022 and they gave us their predictions for the posts. Ugo and Brice put a coin on Bastien. Loïc, he does not get wet: “I don't know at all, it's so random… Clearly, it's going to depend on the conditions they were in. Here, see if they are in good shape or not, and if there is one that has more balance than the other, so on that, I am in complete limbo. But I can't wait to find out all this“. We can't wait to find out who's going to win, too!