Koh Lanta: a photo in a swimsuit requested from the casting is debated (despite the explanations of Denis Brogniart)

Denis Brogniart during a video interview with PRBK: the host responds after a debate on the casting of the new season of Koh Lanta After Koh Lanta, The Legend, a 2021 edition marked by cheating and which had no winner, Koh Lanta will return to TF1 in 2022. One season has already been shot and another is in preparation. And precisely, it is the announcement of the casting that is talking about today. As pointed out by a user, a photo in a swimsuit is requested. Logical or discriminatory choice? While internet users are divided on the question, host Denis Brogniart justified this request.

The All Stars season of Koh Lantamarked the spirits but for the worst reasons. In addition to Teheiura's cheating, other candidates would also have cheated by offering meals to locals. Faced with the controversy, TF1 decided not to nominate a winner. Even if he had been elected by the votes, Claude Dartois therefore did not win the show and he explained that he did not want to take the production to court to recover his winnings. After this fiasco, we hope that the sequel to the adventure game will start off on a good footing. If the next season is already in the box (Denis Brogniart has already teased the sequel), TF1 is also preparing another edition.

The cast of Koh Lanta is open and debated

If you want to participate in Koh Lanta, you can already register for an upcoming edition. The casting is now open on MyTF1 (click on the link to find out how to register) and filming should take place between mid-July and mid-November 2022. In the registration file, in addition to personal information and questions on the motivation, several things are requested, such as a close-up portrait, a full-length photo or even… a photo in a bathing suit.

And precisely, this photo in a jersey is debating. On Twitter, several Internet users have noted this detail of the registration file and not all are very comfortable. Like for example a surfer who arrested Denis Brogniart. “I would love to, but why do we have to send a photo in a swimsuit? There are people who would love to participate but don't feel comfortable enough to do that” writes this person. An opinion that is debated: if some find this request discriminatory, others see no problem.

Denis Brogniart justifies the photo in a swimsuit

Whatever your opinion, Denis Brogniart did not fail to answer the question of this Internet user. On his account, the host wrote: “Because in #kohlanta we spend a lot of time in swimsuits! No?“. A completely logical justification.

If you ever want to apply to participate in Koh Lanta, you have until January 31, 2022 to send your application.

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