Koh Lanta, The Legend: Coumba eliminated, Teheiura banished, Claude and his fish … the recap in tweets

THE'interview with Alix and Candice for Koh Lanta, La Légende: the recap of the bonus of November 2, 2021 in tweets Another bonus that made the viewers of Koh Lanta, La Légende (or Koh Lanta 2021) jubilant but also pissed off on TF1 . This Tuesday, November 2, the All Stars edition of the adventure game animated by Denis Brogniart was back for a new episode which FINALLY saw the definitive elimination of Coumba. But she is not the only one to leave the show: Clémence was also eliminated while Teheiura joined the island of the banished. Claude rant because of a fish, uneasy sequence with Alix and Phil and departures, here is the recap of the evening in tweets.

Each week has its share of surprises in Koh Lanta, La Légende . And this time, Internet users were spoiled: eliminated and then saved during reunification by joining the island of the banished, the number 1 enemy of the web alias Coumba has definitely been eliminated. Did you not follow the evening or do you just want to have a good laugh in the morning? Here is the best of the new premium with the best tweets from viewers.

Coumba gets everyone drunk before his departure

Coumba has gained confidence in Koh Lanta, La Légende . So much so that she turned everyone on their backs, even Laurent Maistret, that she did not hesitate to tackle. And she was still so annoying in this new episode. Already by discovering the arrival of Alexandra (whom she accuses of being at the origin of her friend Namadia) on the island of the banished then by confronting Clémence Castel who managed to keep her calm (hats off to her ). Or even during the elimination of Clémence whom she compares to “ an executioner ” (yes, just that!). But it was a lot less laughing when it came time to leave the island of the banished for good … It was Alexandra who won the duel between her and Clémence and Coumba, both of whom were definitively eliminated.

The linked destinies, direction the island of the banished for Teheiura and Christelle

This week, the fates of the candidates were linked and it is therefore a double “elimination” that took place. But the adventurers did not have the intelligence to blow up one of the biggest duos alias Claude and Laurent. No, no (hello candidates protected because of their popularity …). Instead, it was Christelle who was eliminated during the vote and therefore Teheiura with her. The seum for the candidate who has already been eliminated during the linked destinies in 2020. Well, they are now on the island of the banished but viewers have been heartbroken.

Claude vs his XXL fish

Adventurers have their teeth. After more than 20 days spent in the camp, every little detail can therefore turn into a drama. As with Claude and his fish. Gone fished, the favorite (well rather the ex-favorite of the public) of the Net surfers was on the verge of catching a fish and asked for the help of Sam which did not arrive quickly enough according to him. And that pissed him off a lot and – in return – made the web laugh a lot.

Alix and Phil, the unease

Alix and Phil were a duo for this new bonus and won the comfort test which involved diving into mud to fill buckets. The two candidates therefore won a small relaxing break on an island. And while Phil announced that he was going to ask his wife again, the candidate did not hesitate to tell Alix cash that he found her “sexy” during their getaway. Moment of unease started.

See you next Tuesday for a new recap of Koh Lanta, The Legend in tweets!

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