Koh Lanta: what does Denis Brogniart actually do during the pole test? Finalists reveal what we don't see

This Tuesday, June 21, we will finally attend the grand finale of Koh Lanta 2022 (or Koh Lanta: the cursed Totem). Bastien, François, Jean-Charles and Géraldine will compete in the mythical pole test to hope to become the big winner. But what is Denis Brogniart doing during this time? Former TF1 adventure game cult finalists answer us. Discover the revelations of Ugo, Loïc and Brice on what we do not see on TV.

The pole event is THE star event of Koh Lanta. All seasons combined, every adventurer dreams of competing in it. This Tuesday, June 21, 2022, it's Géraldine, Jean-Charles, Géraldine and Françoiswho will stay stuck for hours to try to qualify for the final of this Koh Lanta 2022. But, what is Denis Brogniart doing during this time?

He is so sporty and hyperactive that I think he has time to cycle around the island three times, swim, tour the Polynesian atolls, meet local cultures… Denis is a hyperactive, you never know everything he does all the time, but what is certain is that he is very attentive! During all the tests, he really watches what is happening. He's like a sports commentator. He likes that. He likes it when there's a fight” explains Ugo who took part in the event twice, in 2012 and 2020. If he won the event in his first adventure, he finished second in Koh Lanta, the legend, where he became the darling of viewers.

C' is a landmark for us

It's a benchmark for us when we're on the posts, because he comes roughly every hour or half hour. It gives us a benchmark in time. When we see him coming, we say to ourselves 'it's been an hour', 'it's been two hours'… He even announces it to us, so we watch for him. We don't watch what he's doing, but I don't m Don't worry about him, he must be running or doing something. He's hyperactive and he's a great guy” adds the winner of Koh Lanta Malaysia in 2012.

For his part, Brice, young dad and finalist of Koh Lanta les 4 Terres in 2020 reveals to us that “Denis goes back and forth. It comes every time you remove part of the post. And when it gets too difficult, he stays by our side, just in case. Otherwise, it goes along the beach, in the forest, we don't know where, but I think it's in the control room“.

Finally, Loïc, darling of viewers, who stayed 2h45 on his post in 2020, laughs: “Denis, he struggling like us in the sun, but not on the pole, on the beach… It's true that there's a little more space, a little less balance problems, but that's just as difficult“.

Denis Brogniart really has no time to get bored while the candidates are on the posts!