Kolyadenko not the last, Bilyk was having an affair with a famous producer who captured the blond beauty

Коляденко не последний, Билык крутила роман с известным продюсером - кто пленил белокурую красавицу

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Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk told the details of his novel, including the calling and the reason for the breakup with producer Yuri Nikitin, who now works with a group of KAZKA.

This became known from an interview Bilyk gave ZHZL.

According to the pop stars first pair was holding together creativity and love. Being the pioneers of Ukrainian show-business (for example, they contributed to the domestic spaces of the already long-established in the world the concept of “rider” and “clipmakers”), Bilyk and Nikitin had to overcome many obstacles in his path.

Коляденко не последний, Билык крутила роман с известным продюсером - кто пленил белокурую красавицу

Irina Bilyk, Instagram

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I invited him into my life. When I opened the door, then said, “Come in, going with me to work.” What we did – it was love in the first place. We loved each other, and we and the whole world was open, “says Bilyk about this period of his life.

The star couple has achieved significant success. Singer notes in his creativity, the video for the song “I plivo have shown” that used computer graphics.

However, despite the strong love between Bilyk and Nikitin had a disagreement that led to the breakup.

I probably grew up and thought can’t be like a dog in the booth. I want to be everywhere, don’t keep me in one place. I had very few photo shoots, communication with the press, even clips was very little, when I had producer. I understand that I will be better“- explained the reasons for his difficult decision, the singer.

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We will remind, Irina Bilyk admitted health problems.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, Iryna Bilyk talked about the fact that others hesitate – “There for 20 years.”

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Irina Bilyk surprised fans youthful face: “Love is…”

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