Komorowski spoke about the dangers of popular drugs for children

Комаровский рассказал о вреде популярных препаратов для детей

Dr. Komarovsky debunked the myth about the benefits of the popular drug.

About this popular Ukrainian pediatrician wrote in his Instagram, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to clutch.ua.

“Tell me, doctor, what antihistamines should be used in conjunction with antibiotics?” asked Dr. Komarovsky.

That’s what he thinks about Eugene O.:

“I have to admit that the practice is recommended when the use of antibiotics to simultaneously use anti-allergic medicines is really the place to be. Really is to medical science, to the recommendations of the civilized Pediatrics, all this is irrelevant.

Imagine that your child has an Allergy to the antibiotic, call it “erythromycin”. The child took the pill erythromycin and rash. We saw a rash and canceled the antibiotic. Now imagine that along with erythromycin we took the pill antiallergic drugs. What is the result? To the fact that Allergy still is, but we will not notice it after the first pill, and after the fifth. That is, the child will eat five times more medication that actually is contraindicated.” – explained the pediatrician.


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