Konstantin Meladze was suspected of treason Vera Brezhnev: all the details

The composer is credited with an affair with Erica Herceg

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Константина Меладзе заподозрили в измене Вере Брежневой: все подробности

Konstantin Meladze with Vera Brezhneva

The fiction and the rumors haters now came to one of the strongest pairs of show business – singer Vera Brezhneva and producer Konstantin Meladze. Network rumor has it that the Russian composer had allegedly struck up a romantic relationship with the soloist of group “VIA Gra” Eric Herceg.

Vera Brezhnev presented a new video. The details in the story:

And the reason for these rumors was the fact that the Ukrainian singer was removed photo sharing with Instagram. In addition, the artist has not publicly congratulated her husband’s birthday, which also caused some suspicions. Also, the network appeared the statement of an anonymous source who claimed that the Faith, Konstantin no longer live together, and the composer spends time with his ward Erica.

Константина Меладзе заподозрили в измене Вере Брежневой: все подробности

Erika Herceg

Such passions on the Internet could not stand the main person involved in the gossip – Vera Brezhnev. Star first responded furiously to the subscriber in the comments on the question, could be cause for sadness rumors that her husband is not indifferent to the present-soloist of “VIA gra” Eric Herceg. Also fans have noticed that this behavior of her husband could provoke a “guest marriage”.

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“Guest marriage? What are you talking about? What kind of guests in your heads?”, – angrily replied the singer, and later I dedicated a whole post to Instagram.

“I read the news and once again admire the abilities of her husband. He manages to lead the office, to oversee 5 of its projects, to be a mentor in “the Voice”, writing songs, producing music videos, releases, and approve all content, take care of children, care of brother, sister, parents, nephews, to take part in everything that happens in my life, to help with our family issues and yet , according to the press – regularly to divorce and pogulyat with Erica! Well, just Bravo” – ironically wrote Brezhnev.

Константина Меладзе заподозрили в измене Вере Брежневой: все подробности

Vera Brezhneva

Also rumors about a possible affair star blonde and Constantine commented Director Erica Herceg, noting that such talk is “broken joke, and completely irrelevant.”

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“These rumors appear, I think, against a huge number of people. It’s like constantly worn out joke, and completely irrelevant. Konstantin Meladze is the producer of the group “VIA Gra”, in which Erica Herceg sings for six years. Of course, there is no question about a personal relationship with Erica Constantine never was, and never will be,” said Daria.

By the way, last year the sister of singer, Victoria Galushka, divorced from producer Alexander Tsekalo. Apparently, Victoria is one and raising children, but Tsekalo already married to a new lady. Vera Brezhnev commented on the divorce sister.

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