Kosovar Prime minister cancels his participation in the summit in Washington

Le Premier ministre kosovar annule sa participation au sommet à Washington

PRISTINA | The prime minister of kosovo Avdullah Hoti has canceled Thursday its participation in a summit at the White House, desired by the United States to revive the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, because of the indictment the day before for war crimes of the president of kosovo, Hashim Thaçi.

“Because of new developments in Pristina, following the allegations submitted by the Office of the special prosecutor, I have to go back to Pristina in order to manage this situation,” wrote Mr Hoti on Facebook.

He added that he informed the emissary u.s. for this folder, Richard Grenell, that he could not attend the meeting scheduled for Saturday.

The White House was to host this summit between Serbia and Kosovo to try to revive a dialogue stalled since the end of 2018.

Serbia refuses to recognize the independence of its former southern province has proclaimed in 2008 with the support of Washington.

On Wednesday, Mr. Grenell announced that Mr. Thaçi had cancelled his scheduled visit to Washington for the summit with Serbia, saying that “the discussions of Saturday,” at the White House were kept, but only between Mr. Hoti, and the president of serbia, Aleksandar Vucic.

The office of Mr. Thaçi had for its part indicated that the president of kosovo had “interrupted” his trip to Washington to return to Kosovo after the announcement by prosecutors of the special court for Kosovo as the “launch of the indictment”.

Mr Thaçi, a former leader of the separatist guerrilla movement, kosovar Albanian, was Wednesday accused by the prosecutor of the special tribunal of The Hague of war crimes and crimes against humanity during the conflict against Serbia (1998-99).

He is notably accused of “killings, forced disappearance of persons, persecution and torture”.

This indictment is reviewed by a judge “to decide whether to confirm the charges”, a procedure which could lead to a charge in good and due form, explained Wednesday the tribunal.

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