Kravets of 95 Quarter slipped off my clothes, meeting spring photos

Кравец из Квартала 95 сбросила одежду, встречая весну - фото

Elena Kravets,

today, 12:16

Actress of the Studio “Quarter-95” and “Women’s quarter” and mother of many children Elena Kravets from time to time indulges the audience with new photos and videos in your Instagram. A celebrity recently participated in a very candid photoshoot for the social project Silenza from the brand that helps women to reveal themselves, not ashamed of her beauty. So, the actress first posed for in a revealing sexy lingerie, hiding behind a huge bouquet of wildflowers.

“Spring:)” – succinctly signed a frame on the page of the official fan group Kravets. Followers not passed, noting that star babe and mother of three children looks good: “by Your Beauty, you can go crazy”, “Helen! Such a beauty!!!!”. It is worth noting that earlier Elena Kravetz already told, how to overcome anxiety before a spicy shot: “In the end, I had a glass of “Bellini” for courage, and relaxed during the shoot even got a taste. I can say one thing: dear women, this type of shoot just need for yourself. And away all the excitement! Believe me, it will give you the courage, the gleam in his eyes, and most importantly ― love yourself. And then ― it just needs to make a memory…”.

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Кравец из Квартала 95 сбросила одежду, встречая весну - фото

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Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Kravets of “95 Quarter” appeared in a hot photo shoot.

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