Kravets of 95 Quarter told of the unseen: “I Want forever”

Кравец из Квартала 95 рассказала о сокровенном: "Хочу навсегда"

Popular Ukrainian comedian, star of the Studio “Kvartal 95” Elena Kravetz openly spoke of their secret desires. Lena admitted that she wants only three things. She stated on the YouTube show “Zhenya Magazine”.

This became known thanks to the portal “Politek”.

The format of the project is: the girl Zhenya interviews, which sets a pretty grown-up questions to invited guest or visitor. Elena Kravets became the second celebrity invited, the show is still quite “young”.

Кравец из Квартала 95 рассказала о сокровенном: "Хочу навсегда"

She answered many tricky questions, showed family photos of her younger children, who are not shown to the media earlier. Also the actress spoke about her three secret wishes:

The first thing she wanted was the completion of “all wars forever.” Kravets said it was her greatest wish.

The second was that every child had parents who have to be “everywhere and always”.

“And I would have done so, so the girls could eat so many candy, sweet, and did not recover anywhere, ever” – voiced his final third wish Elena Kravets.

Кравец из Квартала 95 рассказала о сокровенном: "Хочу навсегда"

Elena Kravets daughter

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Studio Kvartal 95, and its members have always been the ability to very clearly discern the major trends in society and skillfully weave them into jokes. Not spared this fate and the Women’s Quarter, who in his speech showed his version of the notorious aromatheray and caricature showed a picture of reality.

“If you don’t know who we are, I say. To agemate is a mother that his mother mother, what a mother she is. She thinks the whole world revolves around her and her child. Very scary to meet them on the street, but even worse when one meets another agemate” – begins the speech, Elena Kravets.

We will remind, “Is a school of life”: Kravets openly admitted why her daughter moved out from my parents.

As reported Znayu, Kravets district 95 first showed their twins: here it is, double happiness.

Also Znayu wrote, Kravets from the 95 Quarter showed their babies: mercy rolls over.


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