Kravets of “Kvartal 95” addressed to physicians: “there is No thrill, no adrenaline”

Кравец из "Квартал 95" обратилась к медикам: "Нет кайфа, нет адреналина"

The main actress of the Studio “Kvartal 95” Elena Kravets had to turn to doctors from-for the arisen problems with psychological condition.

This she told Ukrainian journalists, reports the publication, citing a source.

The source said that due to the professional assistance of a psychologist, now Kravets may feel in a good mood in spite of different everyday difficulties and circumstances that arise every day.

Кравец из "Квартал 95" обратилась к медикам: "Нет кайфа, нет адреналина"

Comic Studio “Kvartal 95” (Elena Kravets)

It is known that popular actress was forced to seek help due to combining in the Studio “95 Quarter” of several posts. Inhuman load display on the psychological state Kravets.

In addition, she was the main actress in the show “Evening quarter” also combined the position of administrator of a creative project.

Кравец из "Квартал 95" обратилась к медикам: "Нет кайфа, нет адреналина"

Elena Kravets

According to Helen, she began to visit a specialist for psychotherapy. The practice of medical help, she does quite a long time.

“There is no buzz from the job, no adrenaline, I’m like suffocating.” Elena Kravets

At the beginning of work with a psychologist, Kravets felt for him a strong distrust. Very soon she managed to break this moment. Artist Studio “Kvartal 95” said that after a few sessions she was able to find “secret doors in the soul, the existence of which she suspected”.

Кравец из "Квартал 95" обратилась к медикам: "Нет кайфа, нет адреналина"

Elena Kravets, star of the Studio “Kvartal 95”

Recallthat the star of the Studio “Quarter 95” and the founder of the “Women’s Quarter” Elena Kravetz often pleases fans with new photo in Instagram. Recently, the celebrity has put up a screenshot of your phone screen, in which the presidential candidate of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky signed it simply as “wolf”. So, the actress tenderly congratulated Vladimir with a victory, because according to the exit poll, he leads by a huge margin. It is worth noting that the actors are friends since their University years, as virtually the entire team “95 Quarter”.

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that the election campaign Zelensky compared with the series “servant of the people”.

And Elena Kravets was in the TOP 100 most successful women of Ukraine according to the magazine “New time”.


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