Kravets turned into a double Buzova: a radical change of image

Кравец превратилась в двойника Бузовой: кардинальная смена имиджа

34-year-old star “Comedy Club” Marina Kravets radically changed her image and decided to repeat the signature “chip” Olga Buzova. This sends Clutch.

Famous Russian TV presenter decided on a radical change in appearance. She made elongated caret that the user network is strongly associated with the controversial singer Olga Buzova. Photo report about the reincarnation of a celebrity posted on the profile in Instagram.

Fans are not passed by and immediately bombarded the TV presenter with compliments

“Very raznostoronnej. In any kind of beauty, stunning”, “Gorgeous”, “First chic”, “Marina. Buzova nervously smokes near you,” “Bullshit a copy Buzova! Namber one!!! A chic way!!!! You are very talented,and for men you the unique the diamond!!”, “Ah…! What deushki, clever and beautiful”, “you’re beautiful”, “you Have a Marina velvety eyes! These are a very positive and good people! These usually adore children! Such people are charged with life! May God give you all the best!” — write in comments.

Кравец превратилась в двойника Бузовой: кардинальная смена имиджа

Кравец превратилась в двойника Бузовой: кардинальная смена имиджа

Earlier it was reported that the controversial Russian singer, TV presenter and more recently entrepreneur Olga Buzova boasted short videos, taking part in the show no less scandalous Ksenia Sobchak “Beware Sobchak!”. So, the actress first sat in an informal setting, and then went to the café Olga, which is located in the center of Moscow. As a result, she brought the singer to tears, because the atmosphere was quite tense.

We will remind, the singer boasted a vivid frame from new York, intrigued fans.

Earlier Znayu reported, Olga Buzova boasted excerpt from the concert, putting off all the innermost.

Also Znayu wrote Anna Sedokova boasted a strange way stage, but the fans criticized him.


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