Kristen Bell and Jimmy Fallon recap the songs Disney in a medley perfect

Kristen Bell and Jimmy Fallon sing a medley of songs Disney

We already knew the talent of Kristen Bell for the chant. Jimmy Fallon confirms that it does is doing not too bad either. The one who lends her voice to Anna in The Snow Queen has taken up several songs Disney with the animator. Together, they have prepared a medley with The blue dream, The love shines under the stars, or yet to be Released, issued. After the mythical History of rap, the place in History of Disney Songs !

Kristen Bell and Jimmy Fallon give voice

As usual, the invited guest of the Tonight Show has played the game and is given at the bottom. This is Kristen Bell and Jimmy Fallon has received on Tuesday November 12, 2019. The one who will return in the reboot of Gossip Girl (as a narrator) has agreed to do a medley of songs Disney. Easy for the former star of Veronica Mars, as she lends her voice to Anna in the original versions of The Snow Queen and The Snow Queen 2.

While the sequel of the famous animation movie will be released in the cinema on November 22, 2019, with Elsa and Anna who will be facing the magic and new dangers, as shown in the trailer, Kristen Bell and Jimmy Fallon have taken over the titles of the first component of The Snow Queen. They have of course made a cover of Let It Go (Free, granted) but also Do You Want To Build a Snowman (I would like a snowman).

Songs Disney combined into a single video

And they have not stopped there. Then of course, all the songs in Disney are not included in this video is a little over 5 minutes, but a good part of the tubes of our animated films favorite are still present. You will recognise Under the Sea (Under the sea) as Sebastian sings in The Little mermaid, Can You Feel the Love Tonight (The love shines under the stars) taken from the Lion King, You’ve Got a Friend in Me (I am your friend) from Toy Story, When You Wish Upon a Star (When you pray the lucky stars) that you hear in Pinocchio, Beauty and the Beast (Story eternal) of beauty and The Beast or even Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (who said the same in French) that repeats several times Mary Poppins.

The actress and the TV presenter have even taken over A Whole New World (Ce rêve bleu) Aladdin sings with his girlfriend in the cartoon titled a (fake) flying carpet. And the american stars have also been capped on Let It Go (Liberated, delivered), with snow (fake also) that fell on them as if they were in the world of Arendelle.

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