Kristen Stewart (Spencer): the incredible price of her wigs to play Diana unveiled

Kristen Stewart (Spencer): the staggering price of her wigs to play Diana The release date of Spencer, the new film by Kristen Stewart – the fiancée of Dylan Meyer, has not yet been revealed by Amazon Prime Video France, but we already knows that the actress will blow us away as Lady Di. In order to transform the actress into Diana, the makeup team has indeed exploded the budget to offer her a perfect wig!

Two very expensive wigs for Kristen Stewart

Based on the Spencer movie trailer, expected soon on Amazon Prime Video in France, Kristen Stewart should be bluffing in the skin of Princess Diana. However, it is not only thanks to her talent that the actress should amaze us. On the contrary, the actress – who recently criticized her own filmography, was able to count on the incredible work of the makeup team during the filming.

At the bend of a interview with InStyle Magazine , Wakana Yoshihara – hair and makeup designer on this film, has indeed confirmed that she had created two very special wigs for the occasion. Special how? “The creation process took almost 6 weeks. I probably colored the wig three times before I even met Kristen Stewart. It was when we did the first tests that I realized that the color was still not the right one. “Total cost of the operation? 12,000 dollars, or 6,000 dollars per wig. knows an accountant who must have made gray hair when he discovered the budget.

The actress didn't want false hair

And this substantial budget could even have been avoided. Wakana Yoshihara then confessed, “ Kristen didn't want to wear a wig at first. I think it's because she hadn't had a good experience in the past “. Nevertheless, the work done by the artist and her team was so successful that the actress was gradually convinced by this realism,” She finally wore it and with the makeup, we had good returns. She was really happy and felt confident with “. At the same time, with fake hair at $ 6,000, there is something to feel confident about. Poke the poor still having to go to Turkey for change your head …

For the anecdote, if the wig on the screen will appear a little different from the real cut of Princess Diana of the time, that will not be abnormal. Pablo Larraín – the director, would have himself asked Yoshihara to transform Diana as Kristen Stewart and not the other way around. The objective: to make this transformation credible and thus avoid a “false” side which could have taken the audience out of the film. In fact, do not imagine inconsistencies with regard to the size of the hair or their color, everything has been thought of in advance.

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