Kristina Asmus became a “pure fool” to ex-colleagues after sex scandal

Кристина Асмус стала "целомудренной дурочкой" для экс-коллеги после постельного скандала

today, 18:26

Ivan ohlobystin is not indifferent to what is around Kristina Asmus clouds gathered, when all attacked, when the screens out the film with an intimate scene in her performance. It is reported by the Clutch.

Кристина Асмус стала "целомудренной дурочкой" для экс-коллеги после постельного скандала

Kristina Asmus

Some were even sure that Kristina Asmus really changed Garik Kharlamov right on the set. The scandal broke out, and all came to the point that haters threatened to ask the authorities that the actress was deprived of parental rights for the daughter, citing the fact that a child grows up in an “immoral environment.”

However, despite the criticism, Ivan Okhlobystin took to protect Christine Asmus, though the film he wasn’t looking, because he is still a priest, and it’s better to avoid the “vicious scenes”.

Ivan Okhlobystin called Kristina Asmus “pure fool” because he worked with the actress than one year on the set of “Interns”, and he has already formed a good relationship to your ex-colleague, whatever she did. Ivan Okhlobystin was one of the few who supported her in difficult period.

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Кристина Асмус стала "целомудренной дурочкой" для экс-коллеги после постельного скандала

Ivan Okhlobystin

Recall that Kristina Asmus showed a funny shot where posing in a very unusual way for a meal.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, Kristina Asmus posted an outstanding photo, and the caption has shared with fans of unusual facts about yourself, they numbered as many as 10.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Kristina Asmus exposed quivering selfie posing with a light day make-up and wearing funny red-white knitted sweater.

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