Krivoy Rog doctor killed a patient by correcting his nose

Криворожский врач убил пациента, исправляя ему носовую перегородку

In Krivoy Rog the trial of doctor guilt for the dead 20-year-old patient. We are talking about the sensational case of the Krivorozhsky city hospital No. 1, where the head of ENT Department, making 20-year-old operation to correct the nasal septum, broke the patient’s skull. A fracture of the skull base and opened cherepno-a brain trauma led to swelling of the brain and hemorrhage. Denis Stolyarchuk was in a coma, and after 12 days has died, without regaining consciousness.

Now, a year and two months (the incident happened in March 2017) the case is finally submitted to the court. Blame the doctor confirmed two examination. He is charged with suspicion under article of the Criminal code, “Improper performance of a healthcare worker’s professional duties, which caused the patient’s death” and faces up to two years of imprisonment.

Denis Stolyarchuka had a congenital curvature of the nose. To 18 years it was observed in Laura, but when he became short of breath and headaches, the doctors said that surgery is needed. According to Denis’s mom Alena Stolyarchuk, doctor who in March 2017 has held the post of head of the otolaryngology Department of the Krivorozhsky city hospital No. 1, she’s heard and read only positive reviews. Surveying Denis, head of ENT Department assured that for surgery there are no contraindications and the operation, they say, is very simple. After the surgery, the doctor came to the mother of Denis and said that her son is sleeping.

I asked: what do you mean asleep? He breathing? — told the “FACTS” Denis ‘ mother Alena Stolyarchuk. – But the doctor did not answered me, turned and walked away. I ran to the nurses, and they said, “Mommy, don’t worry. Wait.” Then it turned out that Denis was taken to the. When I ran into the case of MRI, Denis was wheeled to the intensive care unit.

I wasn’t invited to the office of the senior nurse, where he was head of ENT Department, the anesthesiologist and the doctor. “Mom, we do everything we can to save your child, — said the chief doctor. But, unfortunately, it happens. Your son in the head was a fragment. During the operation, the fragment struck the vessel.” I said Denis was no shrapnel. “So you don’t know my child,’ said the doctor. — Maybe he had some kind of trauma”. Then I realized that all this blatant lie. Because son right before surgery did the MRI. And he didn’t have any shards! I said, “It’s the fault of the doctor?” “Yes,’ replied the doctor. But I repeat: we do our best. And you go home and practice with your second child”.

On the same day in the evening Denis Stolyarchuka lucky in the Dnieper river in the regional hospital named after Mechnikov. The doctors there said the boy needed surgery but it was impossible to conduct due to swelling of the brain.

I went to a neurosurgeon and named the diagnosis of skull base fractures, open craniocerebral trauma. Affected carotid artery and channel of the right eye. During surgery Denis pierced the skull! — says Alyona Stolyarchuk. — When I asked the head of ENT Department who operated on the son, how is it that he sighed: “unfortunately, it happens. I have… my hand slipped”. And my brother then explained: “the fact that during surgery I lost a bit (a surgical instrument. — Ed.). Missed and went right through his skull”. On the eighth day after the operation the doctor called me: “Alena, Hey. How’s it going? I paid the stent”. It was about the stent, which wanted to place her son in the head. And no stent, we are no longer needed. On the 12th postoperative day Denis died.

After the death of the son of Alena learned that eight years before the tragedy in the practice of the unfortunate doctor had a similar case. He, too, ended with the death of the patient. However, the doctor then was fired and not even suspended. Patient Vladimir Klimenko also came to him for surgery to correct the nasal septum, and died due to head injuries.

The doctor said that the operation is not complicated. And gave me back my son unconscious with a fractured skull and a penetrating wound of the brain, — told the “FACTS” the mother of Vladimir Nadezhda Klimenko. — The doctor told me: “don’t be offended. I did everything right. You know, it happens…”. Four days later, the son died.

As in the case with Denis Stolarchuk, then the forensic medical examination confirmed that the death of Vladimir Klimenko, the guilty doctor: ENT made a mistake in that moment, when I hit the crest of the nasal septum. The investigation took three years, and in April 2012 the proceedings were terminated due to expiration of Statute of limitations. The doctor admitted his guilt, but was punished and moreover — soon became head of the Department!

Meanwhile, the “FACTS” became known about another equally fabulous history. The patient is the same doctor Yuriy Zinchenko after treatment of chronic sinusitis remains disabled. The doctor did not notice that the jury in the nasal sinus forgot 13-centimeter band. As a result the man went with this bandage for three years and almost died. Yuri already 12(!) years can not achieve justice.

The case of the death of my son now submitted to the court, but I can already see that the unfortunate doctor will try to delay the investigation, — tells Alain Stolyarchuk. – At the first hearing he was not. The following were appointed on may 30. During a pretrial investigation the doctor insisted on repeated forensic medical examination. But she confirmed that the death of Denis’s guilty ENT. The experts came to the conclusion that the doctor did not calculate the forces. The most striking thing is that by making an operation, would-be doctor didn’t even notice that he broke Denis’s skull. That with the son something not noticed already, the anesthesiologist, when Denis came out of anesthesia.

The doctor is still working?

In Kryvyi Rih city hospital No. 1 anymore. After the death of Dennis, he was transferred to work in the clinic, and once intervened in the case of journalists, still suspended from work. He is now officially employed. But I’ve heard reports that he is practicing in one of private clinics of Kiev. Ahead of the litigation. For me it will be another test. But I seek just punishment for the doctor, whatever it takes. After all, if he was punished after the death of Vladimir Klimenko, my son would still be alive.

during the operation.

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