Krupneshaja extinction of marine animals was caused by global warming

                                Крупнешее вымирание морских животных было вызвано глобальным потеплением

The cause of the great Permian extinction – anoxia.

Approximately 252 million years ago the Earth experienced the largest mass extinction of species. Then the planet disappeared for about 96% of terrestrial species and 73% of the ocean. Fossils from this period indicate the total destruction of ecosystems and mass death of sea creatures.

Scientists from the Washington and Stanford University believe the sea creatures died because of global warming that reduced the level of oxygen in the oceans 80%.

Oceanographers from the US and UK simulated conditions in the water expanses around the supercontinent Pangea, metabolism animals of the late Permian period, and analyzed the fossils of the most likely habitat. Scientists took into account greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere by numerous eruptions of the Siberian traps, which increased the overall temperature of the planet by 10°C.

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Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the fifth among all the planets of the Solar system in size.

                                Крупнешее вымирание морских животных было вызвано глобальным потеплением

Age – 4.54 billion years

Average radius – 6 378,2 km

The average circumference – 030,2 40 km

Area – 072 510 million km2 (of 29.1 percent and 70.9% water)

The number of the continents – 6: Eurasia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia and Antarctica

The number of oceans – 4: Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic

Population – 7.3 billion people (50.4% of men and 49.6% women)

The most densely populated States: Monaco (18 678 people/km2), Singapore (7607/km2) and the Vatican (1914/km2)

Number of countries: a total of 252 independent 195

The number of languages in the world – about 6,000

The number of official languages – 95; the most common are English (56 countries), French (29 countries) and Arabic (24 countries)

The number of nationalities – about 2 000

Climatic zones: Equatorial, tropical, temperate and Arctic (main) + sub-Equatorial, subtropical and subarctic (transitional)

“The main reason for the Great Permian extinction was the increase in global temperatures and oxygen deprivation,” says oceanographer Justin Penn.

                                Крупнешее вымирание морских животных было вызвано глобальным потеплением

“A negligible share of ocean inhabitants remained in their usual habitat — they either fled, or died, says Curtis Deutsch. — Best adapted to changes in tropical organisms. And the creatures that lived far from the equator in cold seas, suffered tremendously”.

Recall that previous research has come to the conclusion that the Great Permian extinction was caused by poisonous gases.

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