“Kvartal 95” is preparing a new TV series “the bomb”: what you need to know about Comedy “Daddy.”

“Квартал 95” готовит новую сериальную “бомбу”: что нужно знать о комедии “Папик”

The series “Daddy” with Stanislav Bokenam and Daria Petrozhitskiy

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Monday, December 2, on the channel “1+1” will be the long-awaited premiere of the new Comedy series from the Studio “Kvartal 95” under a tempting title “sugar Daddy” with Stanislav Bokenam and Daria Petrozhitskiy in the lead roles. Before the start of the project in Kyiv cinema “cinema city” was a pre-premiere screening of the first two series of the film, which was attended by the Director, actors and other members of the crew.

Znayu also visited the presentation of “Daddy” to find out more about the new masterpiece of Andrei Yakovlev, the Director of “the Matchmakers” and “Cousins”.

What you need to know about the “sugar Daddy”?

First, it’s easy, funny and exciting movie, which opens in a new way the famous Ukrainian actor Stanislav Boklan. It did not know the way a gray-haired man with a beard and unusual hoarseness in the voice. Second, is a romantic Comedy, but with very deep meaning.

“Квартал 95” готовит новую сериальную “бомбу”: что нужно знать о комедии “Папик”

Stas Boklan played the Grandfather in the TV series “Daddy.”

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As told Andrei Yakovlev, the concept was based around the eternal themes of intergenerational relations.

“It is clear that this topic is a classic, but what is the difference today? Nowadays everything is rapidly beginning to develop, so the gap between generations has always existed, is very sharply increased. Young quickly ran forward, and people of other generations, so to speak, slowed down – it is difficult to keep up. It has always been difficult and now almost impossible. These same people continue to live in society, to live together, in families. It is very important that older people have seen some pros in a new time”, – said the Director and producer of “Daddy”.

“Квартал 95” готовит новую сериальную “бомбу”: что нужно знать о комедии “Папик”

Andrey Yakovlev, Daria Petrozhitskaya and Stas Boklan

The series is shown clash and misunderstanding of two eras – the people with Soviet upbringing and values, and the current, somewhat shameless, young people.

“The older generation should look like now lives the youth and the younger generation should understand that elders have much to learn. This is the main message of this story”, – said Yakovlev.

Boklan and was in the TV series “the face” of the older generation and the new time was made by Daria Petroica is a young actress with great potential. She played Lisa hunter on the “wealthy man”, which due to their naivety falls under the spell of drunken pensioner, taking it for the wealthy. But here the merit of the main character, Boklan played a once-famous actor Alexander Nikolayevich Merkulov, who brilliantly turned his head to the young beauty. But the heroine was not that stupid. She’s smart, tenacious and a good heart girl. The chance meeting of Lisa and “daddy” completely revolutionize their lives.

“Квартал 95” готовит новую сериальную “бомбу”: что нужно знать о комедии “Папик”

Stas Boklan and Daria Petroica

“Квартал 95” готовит новую сериальную “бомбу”: что нужно знать о комедии “Папик”

Stas Boklan and directed by Andrey Yakovlev

“Квартал 95” готовит новую сериальную “бомбу”: что нужно знать о комедии “Папик”

About the casting

“Dasha met on the set of “the Matchmakers 7” – neonatolog of the project so far, – said Andrey Yakovlev. – In one of the novels was the role of the second plan. I am very glad to have helped really a talented person – she’s a very talented girl! Now I don’t give compliments, it’s a statement of fact.”

This rarely happens in film, but the series was originally written under Petrozhitsky and Boklan. Stas – actor with the name, which was filmed in the projects of “Kvartal 95”, but Dasha still a few people know. But believe me, after watching the first two episodes of question about the little-known name of the actress starred as stupid. She played amazing!

“Квартал 95” готовит новую сериальную “бомбу”: что нужно знать о комедии “Папик”

Daria Petroica

“When I saw its potential and possibilities, I knew there was no point in looking for someone else,” – said Yakovlev.

Dasha Petroica told us that still don’t believe that all this is happening to her.

“I can’t even Express all of the happiness that overwhelms me, I’m afraid to spill”, – said Petroica.

Not to say that she is easy on the shooting, despite the comedic overtones.

“I was afraid to lose face. It’s such a terrible confidence! At that time I did not realize that I had written the script. I just knew that I no of samples took off. In the middle of shooting, I realized that it was a full-fledged lead role. Grandpa and Lisa – one on which everything rests. We do not have that someone in charge, someone secondary. It’s such a crazy responsibility. Every time I was scared right I do, especially at first”, – said Petroica.

“Квартал 95” готовит новую сериальную “бомбу”: что нужно знать о комедии “Папик”

Andrey Yakovlev and Maxim Krivitsky

As noted by the Director of the series, 80% of the crew consists of proven and like-minded people with whom he works 10 years.

Secondary role in “sugar Daddy” was not less bright artists: actor and star of “the League of laughter” Eldar Kabirov, Olesya Zhurakovskaya, Sergei Siplivy, Ekaterina Kisten, Vera bard, Michael Kukuk. And under some of the actors were specifically written in bright scenes. For example, in one episode the audience will see the actor and Director “Servants of the people” Alexey Kiryushchenko, as well as the Young actress of theatre Natalia Klenina, which in real life is the wife of Stanislaus Boklan.

“Квартал 95” готовит новую сериальную “бомбу”: что нужно знать о комедии “Папик”

Natalia Klenina (left) and Stas Boklan

According to Alexey Kiryushchenko, “sugar Daddy” is a style of French Comedy.

“This is a quality and easy work, he said. – Such work must be must be people who are able to produce. I rested by watching”.

“Квартал 95” готовит новую сериальную “бомбу”: что нужно знать о комедии “Папик”

Alexey Kiryushchenko

The budget of the show Andrey Yakovlev did not want to disclose: “Not a supporter of the disclosure of this information. This custom “1+1” plus “Quarter”. Let it be commercial secret”.

The series consists of 16 episodes. The shooting took place in Kiev and the region. And the audience expects the unexpected ending of this story.

“It is important that the Director and his actors found a wordless understanding, and then this miracle happened! At a certain stage the actors turned into characters. This is very important, and it shows. For me it is the greatest happiness in this story”, – summed up Andrey Yakovlev.

General producer of “1+1” Maxim Krivitsky sure that the channel got lucky with the “Daddy”.

“I really liked the mood and atmosphere! I have high hopes and expectations from him that he really “blow up” the air and collect very good and the right numbers. Liked the actors, liked the enthusiasm, quality. I think, at least – not exactly ashamed, and max – need, after the “1+1” this all works out, can sell on this product,” – said Krivitsky.

High hopes for the success of the series and Stanislaus Boklan.

“Квартал 95” готовит новую сериальную “бомбу”: что нужно знать о комедии “Папик”

Stas Boklan with performers of female roles in the series

“I hope it will be both cool and funny. Want to see the story is good, and it is deep: there is love, friendship, and betrayal – everything that surrounds us in our life”, – said the actor.

Don’t miss the premiere of a lyrical Comedy “Daddy.” December 2 at 21:45 on “1+1”.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the soundtrack to the series “Daddy” wrote Dmitry Shurov, and fulfilled his Stas Boklan and Daria Petroica.

Also Znayu wrote that the Prime Minister “public Servants” Stanislav Boklan has become a “Daddy”.

As a screenwriter of “95 Quarter” Valery Zhidkov has turned from a comic to the lyrics.

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