Kyiv Pets contribute to the online registry

Киевских домашних животных вносят в онлайн-реестр

The Verkhovna Rada introduced a draft law on the registration of domestic and stray animals. But when they adopt a law, is still unknown. Therefore, the Kyiv city state administration has decided to take the initiative and create an online registry of domestic animals.

— Such accounting practice is not new, it operates around the world — told the “FACTS” Director of the municipal enterprise “Kyiv city hospital of veterinary medicine” Mikhail Zaslavsky. Now we implement it in Kiev. The purpose of the registry is not just statistics. We know that the inhabitants of the capital about 400 million Pets. But it was only one and a half percent. Others simply live in apartments or private homes. If the animal is lost or escapes, the owners have to put up some posters to spread the word on social networks to find a cat or dog of their own, offering the finder a reward.

Here’s an example: recently in our clinic the whole day spent dog-“John DOE”, a beautiful German shepherd. When her owners finally found and came to collect, it turned out that they had twice faced swindlers, who reported that he had found an animal and are ready to return it with a Deposit of 1000 UAH. And the hosts paid the scammers, hoping to return the dog. When they finally saw our clinic of his alpha, then asked how much they owe. Of course, I didn’t get anything, but asked them to register the dog in the registry. After all, if this has already been done, the alpha would have found literally fifteen minutes.

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— Where you can register the animal and what it needs?

— It’s very simple. You just have to drive with him in one of our three centres (in Armenian, 29, Yaroslavskaya, 13A, Electrical, 5A) or in the Centre of animal identification to Otradnoe Avenue, 61. To contribute to the database information about the pet, contact information of the owner, to pay a small amount (30 or 40 UAH) and receive a pretty badge that dog or cat will wear. The badges have a QR-code, which makes the identification of the animal elementary. If the owners plan to take a pet abroad, they need to get him microchipped, that is put under the skin of a special microchip. Data can be scanned. Chips safe for animals and do not cause them any concern.

— Exotic Pets — crocodiles, iguanas, who live in Kiev, you also register?

— No, only dogs and cats.

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— The bill applies not only to domestic but also street animals. What happens to homeless cats and dogs that come to you in the clinic?

— We sterilize them, make an identification tattoo, clings to the ear with a special clip and release to the environment under the supervision of a guardian. Previously, we collaborated with volunteers, but then abandoned it. Volunteers were able to catch and sterilise 1000 stray dogs, but then just threw them on the street, not caring where they and that with them. Now it’s different. We are releasing a stray cat or dog in the environment only if we find a caregiver who voluntarily agrees to look after them, feed them and so on. Many homeless animals that have passed through our clinic, and found a family, the owners who love them. With a new system of online registration will make it even easier.

The project developers hope that in the future the registration of domestic and stray animals can be done at any veterinary clinic in Ukraine.

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