Kyiv says it has received new Western rocket launcher systems

Kyïv says he received new western rocket launcher systems


Ukraine announced Monday that it has received new multiple launch rocket systems from the United States and Germany, bolstering its long-range artillery arsenal that Kyiv says is changing the dynamics on the battlefield.

Four new US HIMARS rocket launchers and the first of a batch of German MARS II rockets have arrived in Ukraine, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said on Twitter.

He thanked his German counterpart , Christine Lambrecht, from the Ukrainian gunners who “greet our German partners”.

Reacting to the latest deliveries from Washington, Mr. Reznikov said he was “grateful” to the President Joe Biden and his American counterpart Lloyd Austin for having “strengthened” the Ukrainian army.

“We have proven that we know how to operate these weapons intelligently. HIMARS volley sound has become this summer's major hit on the front lines,” he added.

The batch of MARS II supplied by Germany is the third system of sophisticated rocket launchers having been supplied to Ukraine by its western allies with the HIMARS and MLRS M270. The United States has so far delivered approximately 20 HIMARS systems to Ukraine as part of its program to assist the Ukrainian military in the face of the Russian invasion.

Kyïv says he received new western rocket launcher systems

< p>Kyïv says he received new western rocket launcher systems

Minister Reznikov asked Washington last month to send more systems, saying they had been used to destroy about 30 Russian command posts and ammunition depots.< /p>

According to him, Ukraine needs at least 100 of these systems for an effective counter-offensive against Moscow's troops.

Washington praised the “excellent” use HIMARS by the Ukrainian military.

But President Joe Biden's government has so far refused to deliver long-range rocket launcher systems to Ukraine that could reach re Russia, despite Kyiv's repeated requests for such weapons.