Kylian Mbappé proposed a meeting to a young fan after a message adorable

Kylian Mbappé propose une rencontre à un jeune fan après un message adorable

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Kylian Mbappé proposed a meeting to a young fan after a message cute

In declaring his love to his idol, Kylian Mbappé, in a voice message sent on Instagram, Baba Jr has touched a lot of people… including the world Champion in person ! The attacker of the PSG has responded to the little boy of only 8 years and he has proposed a meeting upon his return from China…

You have to believe in his dreams. Proof : to Baba Jr is on the verge of being achieved. Was only 8 years old, he grabbed the phone from her sister to send DM Instagram a voice message to his idol, Kylian Mbappé. In this one, posted by her sister on Twitter, we can hear the little boy living in Villiers-le-Bel (Val d’oise) to declare his flame to the World Champion In 2018 : “I am your biggest fan Kylian Mbappé, my dream is to meet you“. In order to prove that he really is a fan, he lists everything he knows about the attacker of the PSG : date of birth, parents, etc.

He proposed to him to meet him !

A message that has affected many people who have “liked” and retweeted, until the footballer sees it. Visibly affected, he decided to answer him by offering him a meeting upon his return to China : “Hey Baba, Jr ! And if we organized a small meeting at the Camp des Loges on my return from China… it said to you ?”, he wrote on Twitter. Who would refuse such an invitation ?

The little boy responds

“I thought that it would not have the time to read my message. It is my greatest dream.”, has entrusted the young boy to RMC Sport. “I talked to my buddies. At the beginning, they didn’t believe me. I took the phone to my sister, I showed them and they told me: ‘This is incredible’.” In a video shared by his sister on Twitter, Baba wished to thank the users for their involvement.

“it’s going to be one of the more leases the days of his life”

A gesture that many internet users have praised : “Respect, this is nice as a gesture”, written a Twitto, while another says that “it’s going to be one of the more leases the days of his life, it is beautiful”. Others have hailed a “great professional”, adding that “changes nothing, ru, es the best”. Obviously, Baba-Jr is not the only fan of the Champion of the world, since one can read messages such as “Charisma, elegance, kindness, bravery, Kylian Mbappé is the very definition of perfection !”. The list of those who dream of the meet is long ! This is not the first time that Kylian Mbappé proves that he has a big heart : last April, he visited sick children.

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