Kylie Jenner soon to be in a relationship with Drake ? “There is a connection between them”

Kylie Jenner bientôt en couple avec Drake ? "Il y a une connexion entre eux"

Kylie Jenner soon to be in a relationship with Drake ? “There is a connection between them”

Kylie Jenner would have already decided to turn the page of her story with Travis Scott ? While it is rumored that the parents of Stormi could recover as a couple after their break, the little sister of Kendall Jenner would seemingly be flirting with Drake on the anniversary of the rapper. New romance in sight ?

Between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, it is finished ! After two years of relationship, they have decided to break away despite their efforts to “make work their relationship” : “Travis and I are on very good terms and our primary goal currently, it is Stormi. Our friendship and our daughter is our top priority, “announced the ex of Tyga on Twitter. And if this separation was not final ? According to TMZ, some close to the rapper and Kylie Jenner are “quite certain they will be again in a couple by the end of the year“. It remains to be seen.

Kylie Jenner near Drake ?

All the more that the half-sister of Kim Kardashian would have a new target. If we are to believe the news to Us Weekly, she would have flirted with Drake on the anniversary of this last, held on Monday 21 October 2019 in the nightclub Poppy, in Los Angeles : “She has spent most of his time near Drake and his friends (…) there seemed to be a connection between them. Kylie had the air of living your best single life, “reveals an anonymous source.

A second source said : “They have spent a lot of time to talk. They seemed to enjoy the company of the one and the other, they were only kidding all. Kylie is really happy, she is in a good mood. Drake and she seemed comfortable. There’s an attraction between them.” If these info are still to be taken with a grain of salt, Drake seems to have spent a good birthday party since he would also be closer to his ex, Rihanna.

Tyga worried ?

In any case, there is one who does not wish to see Kylie Jenner and the interpreter In My Feelings as a couple : “Tyga hope that nothing happened between them (…) He would like to see return to Kylie, then to hear that a friend has encroached on his land so to speak, is a little upsetting to Travis. It is assumed that it is innocent. It does not participate in the rumor that they are more than friends, “reveals one close to the father of Stormi to HollywoodLife.

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