Kylie Jenner was surprised by a radical change of image: photo

21-year-old supermodel was surprised by the change of hair color

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Кайли Дженнер удивила кардинальной сменой имиджа: фото

Kylie Jenner

21-year-old supermodel and sister Kim Kardashian, who became the youngest billionaire, Kylie Jenner tired of her luxurious black hair and she wanted dramatic changes.

Meanwhile, Madonna is looking for a new image. See details in the video:

The Hollywood star has published on his page in Instagram new photo, which a young beauty is brought to subscribers in an unusual role – with light pink hair. Seeing Kylie Jenner in this color is unusual, because she has many years walking with the same hairstyle, without changing the black color.

Кайли Дженнер удивила кардинальной сменой имиджа: фото

Model Kylie Jenner

It is worth noting that the billionaire is very young to face a new image, because it looks stylish and youth. But, apparently, the photo was taken, and the advertising campaign. Later, Kylie Jenner released another snapshot, which is already posing in the usual dark hair color.

We should note that not so long ago, the Kylie Jenner hinted at a second pregnancy. At the same time, in the summer of 2018, the supermodel admitted that he is not living with the father of her infant daughter Stormy – Travis Scott. This information caused the public to assume that the couple broke up, however Valentine’s Day, Travis gave Kylie a romantic surprise.

Earlier we wrote that the daughter of Kim Kardashian in an extravagant manner danced to the rap of the father.

all used to seeing with bright makeup and spectacular costumes. Matte beige and red lipstick has become the hallmark Kylie Jenner, which also produces its own line of cosmetics.

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