Kyrgyzstan: arrest of 15 people suspected of preparing a putsch

Kyrgyzstan: arrest of 15 people suspected of preparing for a coup ></p><p> MISE & Agrave; DAY</p><p> <strong> Bishkek | The security services of Kyrgyzstan announced on Friday the arrest of 15 people suspected of preparing a coup d'état, on the eve of legislative elections in this former Soviet republic in Central Asia regularly shaken by political crises . </strong> & nbsp;</p><p>The arrested individuals, whose names have not been communicated, are suspected of having wanted to prepare the ground for a putsch by sowing chaos with demonstrations bringing together “1000 aggressive young people” after the poll to be held on Sunday, said the State Committee for National Security.</p><p> “This group planned to organize large-scale demonstrations (in the capital) Bishkek, then to aggravate the situation by provoking clashes with the forces of the order and seize power by force, ”he added in a statement.</p><p>According to the Committee, the police also seized “firearms and ammunition” during searches.</p><p> A poor country located on the borders of Kazakhstan and China, Kyrgyzstan has been plagued by multiple political crises since its independence 30 years ago.</p><p> Elections there are more competitive than in other Central Asian countries, dominated by highly authoritarian regimes, but instability is high.</p><script async=

Last year parliamentary elections were followed by demonstrations denouncing fraud in favor of then-president Sooronbai Jeenbekov.

In the capital Bishkek, demonstrators occupied important government buildings and hundreds of people were injured in clashes with the police.

The result of the vote was eventually overturned and a politician, Sadyr Japarov, was released from prison, then appointed interim Prime Minister. Having become the strongman of the country, he was then widely elected president in January 2021.

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