La Casa de Papel : soon to be a spin-off ? A producer confirms

La Casa de Papel : bientôt un spin-off ? Un producteur confirme

La Casa de Papel : soon to be a spin-off for the series Spanish Netflix ?

While we wait impatiently for season 4 of The Casa de Papel in which the release date would be set at the beginning of 2020 on Netflix, the platform would she be preparing us a surprise ? One of the directors and producers of the series Spanish has recently hinted to the press that a spin-off would be in preparation !

The success of The Casa de Papel is far lower in intensity. Launched on the 19th of July last, season 3 of the series with Ursula Corbero and Alvaro Dead broke records on Netflix. At which point, if we believe the rumors, the platform would have already ordered a season 5 AND a season 6 of the show in Spanish. But this is not all…

A spin-off in the works ? A director admits

In addition to following the series, the creator Alex Pina and Netflix are also currently developing a spin-off around Casa de Papel. It is Jesus Colmenar, director and producer of the series, which has spilled the beans in an interview given to Europa Press. It has admitted that a series derived would be scheduled but did not want to reveal what a character could be put in the spotlight. “This information would cost me the life” he joked. One thing that Netflix has not yet confirmed or denied.

Remains to be seen whether this project will come to fruition but most importantly, if this is the case, what character will be put forward in this potential spin-off. Obviously Berlin (Pedro Alonso), one of the favorite characters of fans who made their return in season 3 via flashbacks. In any case, everything is possible ! Season 4 of The Casa de Papel is expected to be launched in a few months on Netflix.

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